Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Gryphon Series Blog Tour: Review of Embrace (Stacey Rourke)

Whether she likes it or not, eighteen year old Celeste Garrett has come to terms with being the Chosen One. She knew having a “normal life” would be tricky, between intense training sessions and epic demonic battles, but she didn’t know at what cost it would come. That is, until a dear friend is harmed by the malicious forces hunting her.
Now, she’d like nothing more than to retreat into a hermit lifestyle to prevent anyone else from getting hurt. But startling revelations, amazing new abilities, and mortifying moments in front of insanely hot guys won’t allow time for that. Soon, Celeste finds herself surrounded by darkness and wondering who she can trust—if anyone.

I absolutely LOVE the characters in this book. The main character, Celeste, is HILARIOUS. I love her! She has a quirky, fun, interesting personality and it just makes you laugh out loud.  I couldn't wait to read and see what she would do or say next! HA! I also liked the introduction of new characters to this series. We meet The Dark Army Glee Club, The Evil Countess, and a new love interest....hmmmm...and YES I loved him. His name would be Caleb which is in itself gorgeous. Yet the best thing about him is that he is Irish...ahhh......But of course...something has to be different about him...hence...he is half demon...yes of can never be perfect can it? 
Celeste's friend, Sophia, tries to bring her out of her slump and back into the world but evil just seems to find Celeste around every corner. This is what she most fears..She most fears someone she knows or cares about will be hurt....The poor girl cant get away from it..but that is the best part about the book. She has to face and overcome so many obstacles and you just want to cheer and cheer for her. 
I absolutely enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it. Stacey has such a fun writing style. It keeps you turning pages while you laugh and gasp! You never know what is around the corner!!