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Kismet Book Tours, Guest Post, & Giveaway: Wonderfully Wicked (C.J. Burright)

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He haunts her dreams and embodies her nightmares…
A dreamcaster with the ability to channel creatures from her nightmares, headstrong and cynical Kalila Montgomery longs for a peaceful, picket-fence life…until the man literally of her dreams kidnaps her. Survival quickly becomes her number one goal, yet a growing attraction to the man featured in her nightmares is impossible to ignore. While she fears he will kill her, other, more terrifying enemies surround her, and Kalila succumbs to his scheme to escape.
She may be his one hope for freedom…
A deadly combination of power, cunning, and cold-hearted charm, Lydon v’al Endrian fears nothing. Feels nothing. Chained to a brotherhood of men with the supernatural ability to invade dreams, he hunts dreamcasters to be harvested for their dreams and killed. His target: Kalila Montgomery. But Kalila awakens an undeniable dark desire and a longing for a freedom long-lost. To gain everything he craves, Lydon must seduce Kalila before his plot is discovered…a hopeless challenge which, if failed, will earn him a death-sentence.
Caught up in a dangerous world of secrets and obsession, doubt and betrayal, Kalila and Lydon face the nightmare of their lives, where love will either deliver them—or destroy them both.

C. J. Burright was born and raised in Oregon and loved it so much she never left. While she has worked for years in a law office, she chooses to avoid writing legal thrillers and instead leans toward urban fantasy, paranormal romance, or—since all things medieval and magic fascinate her—fantasy romance. A member of Romance Writers of America and Secretary for the Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal special interest chapter, C. J. also has her 4thDan Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and believes stories should always include a gratuitous fight scene. In what spare time she has, she enjoys working out, reading, gardening, and rooting on the Seattle Mariners with a nice glass of wine. She shares a house with her husband, daughter, and a devoted herd of cats.

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Thank you so much for having me on your blog! And eesh, what scene in Wonderfully Wicked am I most proud of, and why? That’s like asking me to pick a favorite cat from my minion herd! But since I promised to answer whatever questions flew my way…

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One of the major themes of Wonderfully Wicked is acceptance. Everyone at one time or another has felt the sting of rejection. Sadly, some people get it in daily doses until it becomes an integral part of who they are. They believe they aren’t worthy of love or worth knowing, and I hate that anyone is taught to feel that way about themselves or anyone else.

Kalila Montgomery, the protagonist of Wonderfully Wicked, is an expert at warding off rejection, but she’s done it for so long, she has a hard time believing someone would accept her or want her for who she is, freakiness and all. And of course, that’s what she secretly wants—to be accepted, loved, cherished. Isn’t that something we all want?

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So one scene I’m particularly proud of is the moment Kalila realizes she is truly loved for exactly who she is—her flaws, her strengths, the twisted mess of good and bad inside her. She allows herself to be vulnerable and trusting, which contradicts everything she’s learned the hard way. It’s one of her aha moments in the book, one that will affect the rest of her life. I love that part. *Sniffle* Gives me the warm and fuzzies. I love to see a damaged character healed. 

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  1. Great book, great author! Double win!

  2. Aww...thank you, Rhenna *big squishy hugs*. And a BIG thank you to Beth for having me on Curling Up!

  3. Great book CJ Burright, and thank you for the chance to win your book. love the guest post as well.

  4. I need to read this now! Thank for the giveaway!
    Mary G Loki