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HarperCollins Children's Book Review: Prissy & Pop Deck The Halls (Melissa Nicholson)

Prissy & Pop Deck The Halls
Author: Melissa Nicholson
Hardcover, 32 pages
Publish Date: September 20th, 2016
Publisher: HarperCollins

Deck the halls with Instagram sensations Prissy and Pop (@prissy_pig) in their second photographic picture book adventure!
It's Christmastime, and Prissy and Pop are preparing for Santa’s arrival. They’re trimming the tree, baking cookies, and singing carols. But wait—they forgot to send Santa directions to their house! Will they have a merry piggie Christmas after all?

Melissa Nicholson graduated from the University of Alabama and is a first-grade teacher at the prestigious Bolles School in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. Since adopting her two micro-pigs, Priscilla and Poppleton, she has documented their exciting life in North Florida on the Instagram account @Prissy_Pig, which now has over 611,000 followers. She's also established their own online store that features everything from baby onesies to coffee mugs to cell-phone cases, which you can visit at

"The best part of Christmas is you!" Two little piggies say together.

Prissy & Pop Deck The Halls is an adorable children's book that tells the story of two little pigs, Prissy and Pop, as they get ready for Christmas and Santa's visit. 

Everyone who reads this cute book is going to fall in love with the two adorable piggies, Prissy & Pop. Each page of the book is filled with bright, colorful christmas-themed photos featuring Prissy & Pop. Kids will love getting to see a new holiday themed photo with each turn of the page and what Prissy & Pop are going to do next.

Prissy & Pop Deck The Halls shows that everyone gets excited about Christmas and Santa coming to visit....even piggies!!!!

Prissy & Pop is the perfect Christmas book for parents to curl up with their kids and get them in the Christmas spirit! 

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~Praise for Prissy & Pop Deck The Halls~

“The costumes and props are all cheerfully Christmas-y, and the piggies are undeniably cute.” ~ Kirkus Reviews

“...pig lovers will get a kick out of this stocking stuffer.” ~ School Library Journal

“...readers not charmed by these expressive pigs might want to check that their hearts aren’t made of coal.” ~ Publishers Weekly

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Kismet Blog Tours, Guest Post & Giveaway: To The Edge (Anna Del Mar)

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To The Edge
Author: Anna Del Mar
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Series: At The Brink #2
Release: November 14, 2016

To learn about kink, she had to learn the ropes. Yet she never expected to be so compromised she'd need rescuing. And by him. The first man she'd ever loved. The former navy SEAL who'd broken her heart.

Clara's gone wild.Naked. Cuffed. Caged. Is this the sweet senator's daughter I left behind?I didn't know it was her when I rushed into that room filled with flames, but I'll never let her go again.She's proposed a unique way to thank me. It could bring us both to the edge of ecstasy—or to the point of no return.Clara wants to submit. To me. Totally. Damn any limits. The very thought of it has brought me back from the dead.But a stranger is watching from the shadows. He's made us his fantasy. And he plays rougher than I do. Where he's taking us now is somewhere so dark, and so dangerous, that this time it could be inescapable.

Amazon bestselling author Anna del Mar writes hot, smart romances that soothe the soul, challenge the mind, and satisfy the heart. Her stories are about strong heroines struggling to find their place in the world and the brave, sexy, kickass, military heroes who fight with all they’ve got to protect the women they love. 

She’s the author of The Asset, The Stranger, At the Brink and her newest, To the Edge. Anna enjoys traveling, hiking, skiing, and the sea. Writing is her addiction, her drug of choice, and what she wants to do all the time. The extraordinary men and women she met during her years as a Navy wife inspire the fabulous heroes and heroines at the center of her stories. When she stays put—which doesn’t happen very often—she lives in Florida with her indulgent husband and two very opinionated cats.

A Writer’s Thanksgiving

Anna del Mar

Is it already Thanksgiving? Where the heck did my year go? Are you like me, trying to catch your breath, in complete disbelief and denial now that the holidays are upon us?

As a writer, I have tons to be thankful for. 2016 marks my first official year as a romance writer. It’s been a whirlwind for sure, with two romantic suspense releases, The Asset and The Stranger, and two erotic romances, At the Brink and my latest, To the Edge. To the Edge is the second chance love story of Noah Blake and Clara Luz, lovers who reconnect after years of lies and regret. The premise goes something like this: In order to learn about kink, Clara had to learn the ropes, but she never expected to be so compromised she’d need rescue by none other than Noah, the first man she ever loved, the ex-SEAL who almost destroyed her, the wounded warrior determined to reclaim her heart and fight for redemption to the very edge of sexual obsession. To the Edge is my sexiest, kinkiest, most explicit erotic romance yet. I’m so thankful to have the opportunity to bring it to my readers.

But my thanksgiving list goes well beyond my releases this year. I have many blessings in my life, as I hope you do too. I’m thankful for:

My family: They are my life.

My friends: They are my lifeline.

My writing: It gives me courage.

My muse: She drives my day.

My readers: They give me purpose and joy. 

Thank you for coming along in my adventures and may you share in life’s true blessings. 

Thanks to the team at Harlequin and Carina Press, 
one lucky winner will receive the following:

$50 Amazon Gift Card
Copy of To The Edge

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Guest Post: Kangaroo Kisses (Nandana Dev Sen)


Book: Kangaroo Kisses
Author: Nandana Dev Sen
Illustrator: Pippa Curnick
Publisher: Otter-Barry Books (
$17.99-Hardcover // ISBN: 978-1910959008

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It's time for… BED!Not yet!If I tickle Giraffe,she'll giggle and laugh!Then I'll brush furry Bear...Please brush your own HAIR!
This fun and playful book is a lovely mix of fantasy and real life as one mischievous child delays getting ready for bed, and has some amazing wildlife encounters along the way!
Delightful read-aloud picture book from an internationally renowned actress and a Child's Rights Ambassador
Exciting bedtime adventure, full of imaginative play as the child’s toys become real wild animals
A perfect picture book for reading aloud at bedtime – or any time.

Nandana Dev Sen, daughter of Nobel Laureate economist Amartya Sen and Bengali writer Nabanita Dev, is an acclaimed international film actress, Indian writer and children's rights activist. After studying literature at Harvard, she worked as a book editor, a screenwriter, a poetry translator, and as Princess Jasmine in Disneyland. Nandana has starred in over 20 feature films, is the author of Mambi and the Forest Fire, and a frequent contributor to newspapers and journals. She works with children (and grown-ups) at UNICEF, Operation Smile, and RAHI to fight against child abuse. Kangaroo Kisses is Nandana Sen’s debut children’s book in the UK. Nandana lives in New York, London, and Kolkata (India), and loves to eat, bike, rhyme, dance, and argue.

Pippa Curnick

I grew up in rural Essex, UK, and spent most of my childhood climbing trees, jumping over ditches and daydreaming in my treehouse.
I studied at Camberwell College of Art before graduating from the University of Derby with a First Class degree in illustration.
Children's illustration and typography design are amongst my main interests. I draw my inspiration from long walks in the woods, and can often be found scribbling ideas in my sketchbook.
Illustration Clients include: Oxford University Press, Jumping Jack Press (Up With Paper)
Lonely Planet Kids, Crocodile Creek, Symmetry, David Gibb, and Storytime Magazine.
Design clients include Alison Green Books, Scholastic Children's Books & Patchwork Owl Photography.
I currently live in Derbyshire with my ever-expanding menagerie of pets.
For the last two years I have worked as a Designer for a London based publishing house, surrounded by lovely people and equally lovely books. I am now available as a freelance Illustrator and Designer.

Of Kangaroo Kisses and Hippo Headaches
by Nandana Dev Sen

Well, it all started with a rather ordinary bath, and a naughty little girl called Hiya. When asked to get out of the tub and go to bed, my niece noisily turned the tap on. “Two more minutes!” she yelled over the water. “I’m just NOT clean enough yet for bed!” Then – a succession of “two more” minutes later -- when I finally handed her a hippo-headed toothbrush, out burst another loud protest. “Two more minutes, Toom-Ma!” She flashed her almond-shaped eyes at me with reproach. “My hippottamouse has a bad headache, you see – if I brush my teeth now it’ll only get WORSE! We have to wait for it to go away!”

Hiya had coined her own name for me as a baby, a combination of my Bengali nickname Toompa, and the universal “Ma.” And she has always been my Hiya Pari, or Heart Fairy. This never-ending bath was happening not too long before Hiya Pari’s fourth birthday, so Toom-Ma decided to write Kangaroo Kisses, in rhyming couplets, as a birthday-book for her. Now, this was not such an extraordinary decision, as it turns out. A rather long (and compulsive) tradition of poetry runs in my family – indeed, in my city. If you’re born in middle-class Kolkata, it’s assumed that you’ll spend a certain number of years writing poetry, good or terrible, until you decide otherwise. My mother, who published her first book of poetry as a teenager and has over 80 books in print, hasn’t given it up till date – nor had her equally successful poet parents, ever. (And as a surprise gift for my mother’s 75th birthday, I translated and published a book of her poems, Make Up Your Mind.) My sister (Hiya’s mother) and I grew up writing poems and limericks about practically everything, from the grand beauty of the first monsoons, to the pooping habits of our cats. Instead of cards, we’d write birthday poems for each other. And instead of the cinema or the zoo, we were taken to poetry readings, book fairs, and literary meets. We grew up in the old book-filled house where my mother was born and still lives (and where we’d get regularly pushed out of rooms by ever-growing piles of books). Books felt like family members to us, some warm and cuddly, some cranky and unwieldy. So, writing a book for Hiya seemed like a very normal thing to do.

While my muse for the indefatigable little heroine of Kangaroo Kisses is Hiya, the book is equally focused on the girl’s (mostly) patient mother, who must navigate the daughter’s endless excuses, each more inventive than the last, and find a way to get her ready for bed. I wanted to write about this very special, tender moment between parent and child, a moment of great closeness and trust, and very often, of playful negotiation – when the goal of bringing playtime to an end is often achieved, ironically, through another kind of “play.” It’s a time of day that’s precious to both parent and child; in some ways, it is perhaps even more special for the parent, for it gives her a chance to play too. In fact, every time I’ve read Kangaroo Kisses out in public – including its UK release at the Hay Festival, and its New York launch in Books of Wonder, both packed beyond capacity - I was delighted by the robustness with which the adults matched the children’s enthusiasm, laugh for laugh and shout for shout. Each time I read out the little girl's line “Not yet!,“ all the grown-ups in the audience yelled back “NOT YET!” just as passionately as their kids. Not one of them wanted to stop playing, and listening to all that laughter and noise, you wouldn’t think that anyone in the room would ever willingly want to go to sleep.

I’ve always been fascinated by the magical zone between being awake and falling asleep, and that’s perhaps another reason why Kangaroo Kisses had to write itself. It’s that time of day when the imagination slips out of its leash and runs totally wild. It’s when I think of all kinds of outrageous books to write. When I make absurdly ambitious plans for my future. When I have long, detailed conversations in my head with people I like, and people I don’t like. And it all happens just before I fall asleep, when absolutely anything seems possible. I wanted to bring into Kangaroo Kisses this sense of limitless possibility and unbound imagination, interwoven with a lively, loving parent-child repartee that was, in contrast, firmly rooted in reality.

What I love most about writing for children is this enchanted and inexhaustible interplay of fantasy and reality. I also love the fact that it allows you to use fantasy to make reality more vivid for kids (including, sometimes, difficult realities from which privileged children can be quite disconnected). Like Kangaroo Kisses, my first book Mambi and the Forest Fire was inspired by a very real (though less private) event in my life – the story came together during a workshop I was doing with children rescued from trafficking. The book is about a monkey who doubts her own abilities and wants to be like her older, “cooler” jungle friends, but discovers that she is the bravest one of them all. Mambi came into my life in a room full of amazing kids in SNEHA, a children’s home in Kolkata. The plan for the day was to encourage the children to express themselves through theatre and dance, but because most had come from traumatic pasts, at first they had little confidence in themselves. Though they were incredibly creative and resilient, most didn't believe they had any 'gifts' worth sharing - that everyone else was, somehow, much better at doing all things. Struggling to break the ice, I found myself conjuring up my friend Mambi, the shy but spunky monkey - and by the end of the afternoon, I was playing with the most boisterous bunch of kids, who kept creating characters and filling up the entire forest (and then set it on fire)! The transformation was incredibly moving. It’s been wonderful to see how strongly children respond to this story - I’ve now done sessions with over 12,000 kids - which is as much a colorful, fantastical jungle adventure as it is a story about the very real issue of accepting yourself, and celebrating being different. I believe very strongly in the need to embrace diversity in our children’s books, and I wanted to find a fun and engaging way of making kids think about the fact that everyone is equally special.

In Kangaroo Kisses too, representing diversity was a priority right from its conception, both for me and for my visionary publisher, Janetta Otter-Barry. It was important to both of us that the girl and her mother should look and act like they could be from anywhere in the world. I always saw our heroine as a very spirited (rather than dollish) little girl of color, possibly biracial. Presenting our Kangaroo at the NAIBA conference just a few days ago, I was amazed by the number of booksellers who came up to me to say how rare it was for a children’s book to bring in diversity without making it a forced “issue.” “It’s important that she’s just like any other little girl,” said Hilary, “doing everyday things such as getting ready for bed.” “I agree,” added Mindy. “I’m glad she’s doing ordinary things in an ordinary setting. Books like this can make such a difference to the way a child sees herself and her peers.” 

On the train back to New York from Baltimore, I started thinking again about what an extraordinary privilege it was, in an ordinary world, to write for children. And how it had all started with a rather ordinary bath. And a very naughty little girl called Hiya. 

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** Kangaroo Kisses is one of the launch titles for Otter-Barry Books, an exciting new children's imprint aiming to make a difference, push boundaries, and publish books that children will love, and which will be welcomed by booksellers, libraries and schools worldwide. **

~ Praise for Kangaroo Kisses ~

"Smiles and wild creatures abound in this playful mother-child bedtime routine. A warm and spirited invitation to dreamland." ~ Kirkus Reviews

"It's full of fun and captures perfectly a child's reluctance to stop having fun and simply go to sleep." ~ Parents In Touch (UK)

"A charming bedtime story in verse that's easy to read and easy to share, with lots of lively and colorful animal illustrations on every page." ~ Booktrust (Largest Reading Charity in UK)

FFBC Blog Tours & Giveaway: Flashfall (Jenny Moyer)

by Jenny Moyer
Publisher: Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)
Release Date: November 15th 2016
Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction, Dystopia

Orion is a Subpar, expected to mine the tunnels of Outpost Five, near the deadly flash curtain. For generations, her people have chased cirium—the only element that can shield humanity from the curtain’s radioactive particles. She and her caving partner, Dram work the most treacherous tunnel, fighting past flash bats and tunnel gulls, in hopes of mining enough cirium to earn their way into the protected city.

But when newcomers arrive at Outpost Five, Orion uncovers disturbing revelations that make her question everything she thought she knew about life on both sides of the cirium shield. As conditions at the outpost grow increasingly dangerous, it’s up to Orion to forge a way past the flashfall, beyond all boundaries, beyond the world as she knows it.

Jenny is the author of YA sci-fi/fantasy FLASHFALL, coming from Macmillan/Holt 11-15-16. She lives with her filmmaker husband and their three boys in Des Moines.

Find out more at and connect with Jenny on Twitter and Facebook.

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Rockstar Book Tours Blog Tour, Excerpt, & Giveaway: Faithful (Michelle Hauck)

Displaying Faithful n1.jpgFAITHFUL
Author: Michelle Hauck
Pub. Date: November 15, 2016
Publisher: Harper Voyager Impulse
Pages: 384
Formats: eBook

Following Grudging--and with a mix of Terry Goodkind and Bernard Cornwall--religion, witchcraft, and chivalry war in Faithful, the exciting next chapter in Michelle Hauck's Birth of Saints series!
A world of Fear and death…and those trying to save it.
Colina Hermosa has burned to the ground. The Northern invaders continue their assault on the ciudades-estados. Terror has taken hold, and those that should be allies betray each other in hopes of their own survival. As the realities of this devastating and unprovoked war settles in, what can they do to fight back?
On a mission of hope, an unlikely group sets out to find a teacher for Claire, and a new weapon to use against the Northerners and their swelling army.
What they find instead is an old woman.
But she’s not a random crone—she’s Claire’s grandmother. She’s also a Woman of the Song, and her music is both strong and horrible. And while Claire has already seen the power of her own Song, she is scared of her inability to control it, having seen how her magic has brought evil to the world, killing without reason or remorse. To preserve a life of honor and light, Ramiro and Claire will need to convince the old woman to teach them a way so that the power of the Song can be used for good. Otherwise, they’ll just be destroyers themselves, no better than the Northerners and their false god, Dal. With the annihilation their enemy has planned, though, they may not have a choice.
A tale of fear and tragedy, hope and redemption, Faithful is the harrowing second entry in the Birth of Saints trilogy.

Find it: 

Displaying Grudging.jpgGRUDGING
Author: Michelle Hauck
Release Date: November 17, 2015
Publisher: Harper Voyager Impulse
Formats: eBook

A world of chivalry and witchcraft…and the invaders who would destroy everything.

The North has invaded, bringing a cruel religion and no mercy. The ciudades-estados who have stood in their way have been razed to nothing, and now the horde is before the gates of Colina Hermosa…demanding blood.

On a mission of desperation, a small group escapes the besieged city in search of the one thing that might stem the tide of Northerners: the witches of the southern swamps.

The Women of the Song.

But when tragedy strikes their negotiations, all that is left is a single untried knight and a witch who has never given voice to her power. And time is running out.

A lyrical tale of honor and magic, Grudging is the opening salvo in the Book of Saints trilogy.

Find it:

Displaying Michelle.jpg
Michelle Hauck lives in the bustling metropolis of northern Indiana with her hubby and two teenagers. Two papillons help balance out the teenage drama. Besides working with special needs children by day, she writes all sorts of fantasy, giving her imagination free range. A book worm, she passes up the darker vices in favor of chocolate and looks for any excuse to reward herself. Bio finished? Time for a sweet snack. 
She is a co-host of the yearly contests Query Kombat and Nightmare on Query Street, and Sun versus Snow.

Her epic fantasy, Kindar's Cure, is published by Divertir Publishing. Her short story, Frost and Fog, is published by The Elephant's Bookshelf Press in their anthology, Summer's Double Edge. She's repped by Sarah Negovetich of Corvisiero Literary.

A fresh wave of laughter came from the other side of the tent, and this time Claire picked out the actual word “witch.” More laughter and unsympathetic looks followed. The women sitting around Claire suddenly found other places for their eyes, avoiding her gaze, and hastily returning to their work.

Claire’s shoulders dropped. Words shouldn’t bother her, but moisture rushed to her eyes and now she blinked to hold back tears. Did they think her brainless? She knew they only tolerated her because her magic saved them or because Ramiro insisted. Still, it seemed that if there was a time to get over such pettiness, the tragedies they’d all faced would be it.

These may be Ramiro’s people, but they seem nothing like him.

Strangely, that thought led to another: that she missed Teresa, though she barely knew the woman. The woman who dressed like a man and taught at the university would have stood up for her. But Teresa had been left behind in the swamp. Who knew if she even lived?

Not for the first time, Claire reconsidered her decision to stay when Ramiro had asked her. She’d lingered out of curiosity—and truthfully because it felt good to be needed—but they didn’t need her now with the Northern army defeated. She could return to the swamp and away from so many people. Despite her hopes of friends and community, she felt awkward here. Reason said she’d get used to their ways, but being around so many folk made her want to hide. Everything pressed down. The walls of the tent shrunk, pinning her in, and smothering her. It became hard to breathe.

She reached for a fresh strip of cloth, only to have her hand shake. She snatched the material and began to roll it, trying to shut out everything else, including her own doubts.

Before she could find a semblance of peace, though, someone shouted. Ladies screamed. Claire looked over her shoulder at the noise. A brown-bearded man in a poncho and a floppy hat ran in her direction. “My family is dead, because of the evacuations. Because of you.”

Claire gasped. He seemed to be talking to Beatriz, then his gaze found Claire.

“Witch!” His outstretched hand suddenly held a long butcher knife. “Witch! Stay away from us! Murderer! Abomination! Die!”

2 winners will receive signed paperbacks of book 1, Grudging ~ (US Only)

Tour Schedule:

Week One:

11/7/2016- Books,Dreams,Life- Interview

11/8/2016- Bibliobibuli YA- Review

11/9/2016- Book in the Bag- Interview

11/11/2016- Marty Mayberry- Guest Post

Week Two:

11/14/2016- Book for Thought- Review

11/15/2016- Curling Up With A Good Book- Guest Post

11/16/2016- Always Me- Review

11/17/2016- Dazzled by Books- Interview

11/18/2016- The Autumn Bookshelf- Review

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QuartoKids Children's Book Review & Giveaway: FOOTLOOSE (Kenny Loggins)

Footloose Covers

Book: Footloose
Author: Kenny Loggins
Illustrator: Tim Bowers
Hardcover, 28 pages

Publish Date: October 11th 2016
Publisher: MoonDance Press, imprint of Quarto Publishing

Have a rockin' time introducing children to Footloose, rewritten for children by the one and only Kenny Loggins himself. Features a bonus CD with the new children's "Footloose," performed by Kenny Loggins.
Time to cut loose! Have a rockin' time introducing children to the fun of Footloose, rewritten for children by the one and only Kenny Loggins. As a zookeeper named Jack joins the zoo animals in an all-night dance party, this new original story from Loggins is sure to get your feet moving. Little ones will love the cast of characters, including the rockin' chimp Louise ("Geez, Louise"), Mister DJ Elephant, the lemur Marie ("Oo Wee, Marie"), Milo the wombat, Luke the funkiest cat in the zoo, and so many more rocking, bopping, boogeying, tangoing, shaking, rattling and rolling animals!To add to the fun, the book includes a CD with new recordings by Kenny Loggins. Kids and parents can sing along to the classic hit with new lyrics, as well as a three-song medley families will love.

Kenny Loggins has sold more than 25 million albums worldwide, has won two Grammy® Awards, and co-wrote the book The Unimaginable Life: Lessons Learned on the Path of Love. His songs have been hits over the last four decades, including “This Is It,” “I’m Alright,” “Footloose,” “Danger Zone,” and so many more. In addition to his string of successful recordings, both solo and as a member of the famed duo Loggins & Messina, Kenny became the first major rock star to dedicate himself to recording music for children and families. His album Return to Pooh Corner remains the best-selling children’s album of the last 20 years. Kenny, who reunited with Jim Messina in 2009, currently resides in Santa Barbara, CA.

Dean Pitchford, an American songwriter, screenwriter, director, actor, and novelist, has won an Oscar and a Golden Globe Award, as well as being nominated for three additional Oscars, two more Golden Globes, eight Grammy Awards and two Tony Awards. His books, stage shows and movies have earned an international following, and his songs have sold over 70 million records.

About the Illustrator: 

Tim Bowers has illustrated more than 35 children’s books, including the New York Times best-seller Dream Big, Little Pig!, written by Kristi Yamaguchi, and Dinosaur Pet, written by Neil Sedaka and Marc Sedaka. Although Tim grew up around unusual pets, including his grandparents’ squirrel monkey and a singing African grey parrot, he never had pets that would dance. But he definitely wanted them to. He and his wife live in Granville, Ohio.

"All the animals are watching'
to see if everybody's gone.
Gettin' ready to party,
they're gonna be dancin' till the dawn."

Footloose is such a fun, upbeat children's book that is perfect for any age! Parents can read this adorable book to their kids and enjoy it as well! Everyone knows the everyone can sing along! 

I love that the illustrations in Footloose are bright, colorful, and vivid which really grabs the readers attention. The fun, rhyming story line will keep everyone's attention! Kids will love that all the animals are laughing, smiling and dancing throughout the entire book and that everyone is just having a blast! 

Footloose also contains a CD copy of the song to go along with the book which keeps kids singing and dancing while enjoying this fun engaging book! Footloose is guaranteed to bring a smile to everyone's faces and have kids singing ..."Now everybody cut FOOTLOOSE!!!"

P.S. The giraffe's are my FAV!!


“Loggins invites readers to ‘slip on their dancin’ shoes’ and join a rowdy cast of animals who show off several dancing styles....a fun way for parents and grandparents to ‘cut footloose’ with a new generation.” ~ Publishers Weekly

“full-bleed double-page spreads are appropriately kinetic and playful... ‘Slip on your dancin’ shoes,’ indeed.”~ Kirkus Reviews

“A natural fit for kids. Irrepressibly bouncy with slingshotting verses and a shout-worthy chorus”~ Booklist


One winner will receive a copy of Footloose
 (Kenny Loggins)