Friday, February 1, 2013

Review: Blood-Kissed Sky (Darkness Before Dawn Trilogy #2-J.A. London)

There's nowhere left to hide.
I thought vampires were our enemies - they controlled our lives, isolated our cities, and demanded our blood - until I met Victor. With Victor taking over as the new Lord Valentine, things were supposed to get better. Instead, they're worse than ever.
Day Walkers, a new breed of vampires who can walk in the sun, are terrorizing the city. Blood supplies are low, and if Victor's vampires don't get enough, they will become infected with the Thirst - a disease that will turn them into mindless killers.
To stop it, I must journey across the desolate wasteland to the very place where the sickness began. I can only hope that the answers that await me are enough to save us all... before it's too late.

Paperback, 368 pages
Published December 26th 2012 by HarperTeen


J.A. London is the mother-son writing team of Rachel Hawthorne and her son, Alex London. Rachel has written many novels for teens, including the popular Dark Guardian series. Alex, a recent graduate with a degree in Historical Studies, enjoys combining history and fiction to create unique worlds. The Darkness Before Dawn series is their first joint project.


FIRST....THIS COVER IS GORGEOUS!!! What a breathtakingly beautiful cover!!! I am one of those people that will read a book just for the cover and WOW...This would have been a first choice!!!

Ok I LOVED Darkness Before Dawn. I love vampires stories and this one was great. It was a refreshing take on young adult vampire stories. That being said...I DIVED into Blood-Kissed Sky and it did not disappoint. Again we find ourselves immersed into the love story of Victor and Dawn and their impossible true love story.

I absolutely adore Dawn. She is strong-willed, focused, and will give her life for the ones she loves. She does not hesitate to fight and survive against all odds. She and Victor are so wonderful together. I could not wait to learn what happened next with them.

Victor is now Lord Valentine and has to make certain sacrifices in order to gain respect. He and Dawn break my heart at every turn of the page. They face so many obstacles and yet they still know they belong together. He a vampire and she a human and yet their connection is so unbelievably strong and they are meant for each other.

I also love that we interact more with Michael and Tegan and other new characters in this book. Its not just focused on Dawn and Victor. The plot is thickening and questions are arising throughout the entire book. There are so many twists and turns during this journey. I find myself liking Richard and Faith more and more. (They are part of Victor's Vampire family)

Sin....hmmm..what should I say about him? He is a TRUE villain and I find myself clenching my teeth when his name is brought up. He is what we think of when we think of villain vampire. Cruel, blood-thirsty, full of hate, and just disgusting. Ugh....

The last couple of chapters of this book are intense..There are no other words except intense. I could not put the book down and when I finished the last page I kept turning hoping there was more. I cannot say just how bad I cant wait to read the conclusion. WOW. What a cliffhanger?? REALLY!!!!!!!!

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