Friday, February 28, 2014

Children's Book Review: A Bed For Fred (Lori Zoss)

A Bed for FredHardcover, 24 pages
Published November 16th 2013 by Hugo House Publishers
Book Provided by Author for Honest Review

Ready for a nap, young Fred the Basset Hound goes to his room after a morning of play and the unthinkable happens: his comfy, red bed has disappeared! After a search through his house with a less-than-helpful mouse, Fred sets out on a journey outside to find his bed. Along the way he meets a sedentary frog, an enthusiastic cricket, and a sympathetic owl. The dilemma of his lost bed intensifies as Fred realizes he has strayed too far from home without telling his father that he left. A Bed for Fred is a delightful journey that any young child can relate to. Changing beds from cribs to toddler beds and toddler beds to "big boy" or "big girl" beds are huge steps. Discover how Fred handles this experience of complication and change with good communication and a willingness to explore Help your child figure out the world they live in! 

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Lori Zoss
Lori Zoss is the author of A Bed for Fred. When not writing, Lori is the corporate support director for a public television and radio organization (ideastream®) in Cleveland, OH. Lori also lends her talents during radio and television fundraising, serving as one of ideastream’s on-air hosts during pledge drives. 
Lori has been a featured speaker at various public media and educational conferences and also spends time as an Adjunct Professor of Communications and Public Relations at Baldwin Wallace University, where she has taught courses in Online Marketing, Public Relations Writing, Publicity, Event Planning, and Crisis Management.
Lori holds an MBA and a Bachelor of Arts from Baldwin Wallace University.She lives in suburban Cleveland, OH with her husband David, Labrador Retriever Ginger, and Basset Hound Fred.

A Bed for Fred is her first book.

What an adorable children's book!! Basset Hounds are so adorable so I was so excited with the opportunity to review this book! 

From the very first page where Fred is dreaming of chasing a red and my 6 year old son fell in love with Fred! I loved the ryhming in the story. It really made the story flow. 

The illustrations in this book are precious! The vibrant colors and placement of the pictures is perfect for this story and the illustrator just makes Fred look so adorable!

The mouse, the frog, the cricket, and the owl are such cute additions to the story! Fred's interactions with these animals is so cute! My son's favorite was the Owl. 

I love how the author wrote the story in such a way that makes the change from a baby bed to a big boy bed so encouraging! When Fred discovers the true reason why his bed is missing he is so excited about the change and so appreciative of what his Dad has done for him! 

This was such a encouraging, cute book and my son and I loved it! As soon as we finished reading he begged me to read it to him again!! I definitely recommend this to anyone with children between the age of 2-8! 

** A huge THANK YOU to Lori Zoss for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!! **

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