Saturday, April 11, 2015

Children's Book Review: The Big Book of Color (Lisa Martin & Damien Barlow)

EAN (ISBN-13): 9781600584350
Publisher: Walter Foster Jr & 
Quarto Publishing Group USA
Pub. Date: January 6, 2015
Series: Big Book Series
Size: 8.75 x 11.67 in.
Ages: 5-99
Illustrations: 200

With big, bold images, The Big Book of Color introduces children to the art and science of color through a fun and engaging, easy-to-understand approach. Young artists will be treated to an in-depth exploration of the wonderful world of color through simple step-by-step projects and unique educational content. Myriad creative exercises and projects throughout the book make learning color concepts fun and applicable, while perforated pages make it easy to display new masterpieces. With a plethora of fun projects, easy-to-understand concepts, and pages bursting with color, The Big Book of Color is sure to be a hit for young readers and budding artists everywhere.

The Big Book of Color is a extremely engaging and interactive children's book about the colors and shades of the rainbow. The cover is beautiful, bright, and attractive and immediately grabs your attention. 

The book explains and explores the colors of the rainbow and how colors can affect you and the world around you. The book explains several different tools and items that you can use when learning about color. The color wheel was a neat way of explaining the different types of colors and then the author allows the reader to work with the different colors and encourages interaction throughout the book. 

Everything in this book is so realistic and I loved how the author incorporated nature and animals throughout the books as examples of color. 

My favorite part of the entire book was where the author added interesting facts throughout the book in order to encourage learning and initiate the curiosity of the reader. This was a fantastic children's book that was not only informative but FUN and engaging for the reader!! 

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