Thursday, June 25, 2015

Kismet Book Tours, Excerpt, & Giveaway: The Billionaire's Innocent (Caitlin Crews)

About The Forbidden Series:

The Forbidden Series is a trilogy of sexier reads with serialized release dates and a different author for each title! Each week a new part of these seductive reads will be released so be sure and follow along for some flirty fun!

For Logan Black, Jaiven Rodriguez and Zair al Ruyi, New York is spread out before them like the Garden of Eden…and no one knows the sweet taste of forbidden fruit better than America’s most ruthless billionaires! Jaded, cynical, with a darkness that threatens to consume them whole, they think they’ve seen it all. But temptation has something new in store for each of them…

When Nora Grant decided she wanted to make something of her life, she didn’t realize it would lead straight to Prince Zair al Ruyi. Beneath his polished royalty, Zair has warrior’s blood running through his veins, and he’s found his next conquest! No matter how innocent Nora is, she can’t resist the touch of this royal billionaire.

About The Billionaire’s Fantasy:

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Caitlin Crews discovered her first romance novel at the age of twelve and has since conducted a life-long love affair with romance novels, many of which she insists on keeping near her at all times. She currently lives in California, with her animator/comic book artist husband and their menagerie of ridiculous animals.

About Caitlin Crews:

“Zair, can I trust you?” Nora Grant asked.

But his gaze was bleak. His mouth a hard, bitter crook.

“Absolutely not,” Zair al Ruyi told her, his voice low. “I would sooner trust a fat-tailed scorpion than the likes of me. It would be far less likely to strike you dead where you stand.”

And Nora didn’t know if she was crazy to trust him, anyway. How could she tell what was crazy after a night like this? When everything inside her felt torn into pieces and turned on its head? But the fact remained: she’d offered herself up to him on a platter, on her hands and knees in front of him, and he hadn’t taken the bait. He hadn’t taken her.

If he were the man he claimed he was, he would have.

“I’m looking for someone,” she said, before she could think better of it. “A friend.”

He went still, though the green of his eyes seemed sharper somehow. “I think you need a better class of friends.”

“You’ve met her.” She smiled, even if it felt strange on her lips. “You said once that she was like a lightbulb.”

He let out a long breath with a muttered curse at the end, and raked a hand through that thick hair of his again. “The tiny little brown-haired one. I remember.”

“Sometimes we also call her Harlow.”

Zair sent her a dark look, but he didn’t respond. Nor did he allow the mood in the room to lighten. He moved over toward the bank of windows and frowned out them, as if his gaze could penetrate the night.

Was Harlow down there? Nora wondered. Did he know where?

Would he help Nora find her?

“What would make you look for her here?” he asked after a long moment, and his voice was weary despite how straight he stood, how tall. “In a place like that auction? And do not kid yourself, please. An auction was exactly what that was. Flesh for sale to the highest bidder.”

She laughed, though she wasn’t sure why. “Google?”

“Is this amusing to you, Nora?” That politely relaxed tone reminded her how dangerous he was. She wasn’t sure why she kept allowing herself to forget it, especially when he turned and fixed that cool green gaze on her. “A time for jokes? If I’m understanding you, you have some reason to think your friend has found herself neck-deep in the worst kind of trouble. It might dress up nicely for Cannes and parade around in front of the paparazzi for a couple of weeks in May, but make no mistake—it’s a grimy spiral of a brutal, painful, deeply bleak existence. It is no place for a soft little thing like that friend of yours. Much less you.”

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  1. I love the names chosen for the male leads!! I've always loved the name Logan, and the other two are so exotic :)

  2. The book sounds interesting. Like the excerpt too.

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