Monday, August 10, 2015

Me, My Shelf and I Blog Tour, Tens List, & Giveaway: The Redeemers (Kate Morgan)

Author: Kate Morgan
Publisher: Dark Recesses Press

Long after the Great War life flourished again, in no small part due to The Redeemers' help and guidance. It was a simple life, but a good one. Annie's world made sense...until one fateful day when everything of value is ripped from her.

With nothing left to lose, Annie embarks upon a quest for the dark, disturbing truth of why - never imagining how deep the trail leads.

Kate Morgan is a darn good cook. She grows her own veggies, knits stuffed monsters, and watches lots of Hammer Horror.


Ten Random Facts (it was easier for her as she's at her day job right now) 

1. I can read Middle English and sing a few songs in it as well.
2. I own more than 100 episodes of MST3K.
3. All our family cats are named after Greek and Roman mythology figures.
4. I once carpooled in a blizzard with a church pastor. My sub-compact almost didn't make it up a 45-degree hill. I said several Very Bad Words. Oops.
5. The screaming Halloween doormat on my front porch has actually and literally scared people. Score.
6. I play 6 instruments (with varying degrees of mastery or lack thereof).
7. I have cooked everything the characters in The Redeemers cook except venison. If someone wants to ship me some venison...
8. I have handled snakes. Non-poisonous ones.
9. I swim like a rock: Straight to the bottom.
10. The three items I will never eat again under any circumstances: liver, head cheese, and kimchi.

3 Winners will each get a handmade Redeemer !
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  1. Hi! one of my favorite horror books is 'the Devil You Know' by Adrian Liliy. 'THE REDEEMERS' sounds like a fantastic book!