Saturday, October 22, 2016

Harpercollins Children's Book Review: Enzo's Very Scary Halloween (Garth Stein)

27246861Enzo's Very Scary Halloween
Author: Garth Stein
Illustrator: R.W. Alley
Hardcover, 40 pages
Published Date: July 26th 2016
Publisher: HarperCollins

Enzo, the lovable mutt from Garth Stein’s New York Timesbestselling novel The Art of Racing in the Rain, experiences his first Halloween with friends Denny and Zoë in his third (not so) very scary picture book.
When Halloween comes around, Enzo doesn’t know what to expect. Jack-o’-lanterns light up the streets, giant spiders weave webs on porches, and ordinary lawns become creepy graveyards while every child and dog transforms into a creature of some kind—including Enzo!
Enzo the dragon is determined to protect fairy princess Zoë from the monsters and goblins in their neighborhood, but when things get a little too scary, his family is there to reassure him that everything is make-believe and only meant to be fun—just like the wonderful trick-or-treat parade that ends this spook-tastic night! R. W. Alley’s fantastic illustrations bring Enzo to life as he discovers the frightful fun of Halloween.

Garth Stein
Garth Stein is the author of four novels: the New York Times bestselling gothic/historical/coming-of-age/ghost story, "A Sudden Light"; the internationally bestselling "The Art of Racing in the Rain"; the PNBA Book Award winner, "How Evan Broke His Head and Other Secrets"; and the magically realistic "Raven Stole the Moon." He is also the author of the stage play "Brother Jones." He has a dog, he's raced a few cars, climbed a bunch of really tall trees, made a few documentary films, and he lives in Seattle with his family. He's co-founder of, a non-profit collective of 74 Northwest authors working together to energize the reading and writing public.

Enzo's Very Scary Halloween is a cute children's book that tells the story of an adorable puppy named Enzo and his experience with Halloween. Enzo is a little nervous about Halloween and when Zoe's Daddy comes in to tell her good night and read her a spooky Halloween bedtime story...Enzo gets a little bit nervous. Zoe is so excited about Halloween and loves listening to her Daddy's spooky stories. Zoe knows that Halloween is just a fun make-believe night full of kids dressed in costumes and candy but Enzo is convinced that their neighborhood is being taken over by goblins, ghosts and other creatures. 

I loved how the book tells both sides of the story. We get to see the story how both Zoe and Enzo experience the night. Zoe knows that Halloween is just a fun night of make-believe but Enzo sees everything as scary and spooky and he truly believes that Zoe has a magic wand that is creating all the spooky things in the neighborhood.

My son and I have read this book just about every night for a week and we love it each time! Enzo is so cute and adorable and his imagination makes this story so fun and interesting. 

The illustrations throughout the book are bright, colorful and very engaging. The characters and costumes are so cute and Enzo's facial expressions are so funny throughout the book. I loved that the characters are happy and just enjoying Halloween and they really bring out the real reason for the holiday which is fellowship and fun with friends! 

I highly recommend this cute story for parents and kids to enjoy during the spooky (but not scary) Halloween month!!

.....and not only did my son and I love Enzo's Very Scary Halloween.....our kitty, Tigger loved it too!! :)

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