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I read Adult, Young Adult,Dystopian,  Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Romance, Mystery, and anything Paranormal. I also read children's books and love to review those so please feel free to contact me for reviews. I am a very thorough reader and am very fair in all my reviews. I will give an honest review regarding the book based on my sole opinions. I will post all reviews on my blog, amazon, goodreads, facebook, and twitter. If the author or publisher requests reviews to be posted elsewhere I will be glad to comply. I accept EBooks, Arcs, HardBacks, and Paperbacks. If you have any books you would like me to review please send me an email to:

My Rating System

           I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!! 

    Highly Recommend!! 

           Great Book!


Read if you have time

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Don't waste your time

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