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Book Nerd Blog Tour, Review, & Giveaway: Rebel (Amy Tintera)

Displaying 15769788.jpgHardcover, 352 pages
Expected publication: May 13th 2014 by HarperTeen
ARC Provided by Publisher for Honest Review

The sequel to the action-packed Reboot is a can't-miss thrill ride, perfect for fans of James Patterson, Veronica Roth, and Marie Lu.
After coming back from death as Reboots and being trained by HARC as soldiers, Wren and Callum have finally escaped north, where they hope to find a life of freedom. But when they arrive at the Reboot Reservation, it isn't what they expected. Under the rule of a bloodthirsty leader, Micah, the Reboots are about to wage an all-out war on the humans. Although Wren's instincts are telling her to set off into the wilderness on their own and leave the battle far behind, Callum is unwilling to let his human family be murdered. When Micah commits the ultimate betrayal, the choice is made for them. But Micah has also made a fatal mistake . . . he's underestimated Wren and Callum.
The explosive finale to the Reboot duology is full of riveting action and steamy love scenes as Wren and Callum become rebels against their own kind. 

Amy Tintera
Hi! I’m Amy Tintera, and I write novels for young adults. I grew up in Austin, Texas and graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in journalism. After receiving a masters in film at Emerson College I moved to Los Angeles, where I promptly discovered I didn’t enjoy working in the film industry, and went back to my first love, writing.
REBOOT and REBEL are published by HarperCollins/HarperTeen. Film rights have been optioned by Fox, and the books have sold in ten countries.

"Wren was silent.
She stood completely still next to me, staring straight ahead with that look she got sometimes, like she was either happy or plotting to kill someone. Either way, I loved that look."

Ummm YES! If that opening line doesn't make you want to read this book than not sure what will!!! I have been looking forward to reading Rebel for SOOOO long! Reboot was one of my favorite books from last year! It was totally different than anything I have ever read before. "Zombies" are now called Reboots and come back to life with all the aspects of a human life except they can't be killed! This is what happens to the main character, Wren, and she was sent to a institute where she trains new Reboots. 

In Reboot, Wren meets Callum and together they face unspeakable danger and have to escape their surroundings in order to survive. Wren and Callum also begin to get closer to each other and before they know it they have fell in love. Wren and Callum devise a plan to escape and help other Reboots..and this is where Rebel picks up. 

"Callum, there's one person here who has a plan,"she said, casting an amused look at me. "And it's you. So, go. Start getting it together. I'll pack up our tent and help Riley with the weapons."

Reboot is the introduction to the story and also is where you learn the true depths of the characters and their actions. Rebel throws us right into non-stop action and swoon-worthy romance. Rebel has so many intense action scenes that I found myself flipping pages faster and faster just to see what would happen next!! 

I love the dual point-of-view that Rebel offers. It helps the reader truly see how much these two characters love each other and how strong their will to survive is. The introduction of all the new characters truly makes the story as well. Each character is so critically important to the story. Are they good? Are they evil? Can they be trusted? Those are the questions that Wren and Callum ask themselves frequently. 

When Wren, Callum, and all the escaped Reboots make it to this new "camp"....they enter it with trepidation and caution and they soon realize that they were right to be cautious. The "camp" has so many dark secrets that Wren and Callum uncover and they immediately question their choice to live there. 

This duology is amazing. Amy Tintera is a phenomenal writer and puts just enough action, drama, and romance to make this book exceptional!!! Amy Tintera has blasted her way into the YA industry with this incredible duology and fans of dystopian genres are going to devour Rebel and Reboot!!!! 

**The quotes from this book have been taken from an Advanced Reading Copy and are subject to change when the final book is printed. Please refer to the final, finished copy for exact quotes!**

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