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Lady Reader's BookStuff Book Blast & Giveaway: Leticia (Lindsay Anne Kendal)

LETICIA by Lindsay Anne Kendal
 Release DateApril 14, 2014 Paperback, 320 pages  Genre: YA / Fantasy / Paranormal
Leticia has a dark secret, and somebody somewhere knows what it is. After being tormented and brutally attacked, it becomes obvious they want her dead. A mysterious group comes to her aid. They want to fight by her side and help her win the war someone has declared on her.
Together, they present a force to be reckoned with. Love, loss and longing put strains on the alliance. Not only must they fight their enemies, but their own fears and desires. Leticia must also face a harsh reality.
If she wants a happy future, she must first confront her past.
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"My heart raced as our lips parted and his tongue danced with mine. My mind was lost in the arms of the man I hoped would now be mine."

Inside the Mind of the Author
My mind… it’s an overactive, jumbled up and scary place to be. I’ll be honest, 99% of the time I don’t live in the real world. Let’s face it, the “real” world is a stressful, violent and sometimes boring place to be. The worlds I live in aren't governed by corruption, greed, envy, etc. They are free, happy and sometimes darn right weird.
My family tells me I wake up a different person every day – they’re probably right. I have about thirty characters talking to me and giving me ideas on what to write. So it’s hardly surprising.
Everyday life bores me for the most part. Moans and groans, people worried about finances, studying, jobs and so on. I do have those thoughts, but I tend to block them out and live with my characters. I prefer to be surrounded by magic and demons, mythical creatures and alternate worlds, rather than “real” everyday issues. I guess that’s just my way of dealing with things.
I’m a very deep thinker. I often space out and know nothing of what’s going on around me. Unless it’s to do with writing, graphic art, history (especially old buildings), photography or the weird and wonderful – I tend not to have an interest in it. I find it extremely difficult to concentrate on anything outside those areas. I much prefer to be creating something from nothing.
I guess I’m anti-social too. I love my friends and family, but I don’t see people all the time. I much prefer my own company (bearing in mind I have characters speaking to me all day every day, so I’m not lonely, lol). Most of my dearest friends live very close by, with exception of the few who live across the sea from me. I speak with them over email, Facebook, Skype, etc. But other than that, I’m a “keep myself to myself” kinda person. I love speaking with people over the internet, but face to face, I get a little anxious. I’m just not a confident person, well, not in the “real” world.  
"He stayed close to me for a few more seconds. I let my hand fall so it was now against his chest. I looked him straight in the eyes, getting lost in them for a moment. I could feel his heartbeat, hard and fast. I so desperately wanted to kiss him."
“I have lived in Droylsden, Manchester, all my life. I live with my parents, my younger sister, Cheryl and her little girl Faith.I never knew what I wanted to do with my life until I began writing. This is my dream. I get most of my inspiration from music, I’ll sit there listening to it and suddenly I’m no longer in the room. My stories play like videos in my mind, then I go and write them down.I’m a very dark person, I love anything spooky, supernatural, or unexplainable, and so that’s the genre I want to write in for the rest of my life.I love watching scary films, although I find it very hard to find one these days that actually frighten me.I also love getting creative with graphics. I've designed over twenty book covers so far. I create promo art and even book trailers.I have had a love of photography from being a child. I have literally thousands of photographs which I have taken over the years. Now, I have a professional DSLR camera and I'm looking to do photography as well as my graphics as a sideline project.”
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  1. I like almost all paranormal elements. It's just fun to see what an author takes up and makes his/her own :)

  2. I like the uniqueness of stories. I want to be taken by surprise.