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Good Choice Reading Blog Tour, Interview, & Giveaway: Chasing Desire (Jennifer Domenico)

Title: Chasing Desire
Author: Jennifer Domenico
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance
Publication: June 9th, 2014

High on life and all its luxuries, Brayden James has no intention of slowing down. That is until his womanizing ways catch up with him and he gets a much needed wake-up call. Just as he decides to clean up his act, the ultimate temptation enters his life.
When Mackenzie Reed meets Brayden, the attraction is instant and she knows that together they could achieve the kind of career success she’s always craved. But Mackenzie isn’t like most women. She has very good reasons for keeping her heart locked up tight. For her, this isn’t about love. This is about power.
Sparks fly as Brayden and Mackenzie try to avoid the one thing neither of them wanted. Each must choose between the life they’ve worked hard to achieve and the one they never imagined. Will they come to the same decision before it’s too late? Or will a hidden threat keep them apart?



Jennifer Domenico
Jennifer Domenico started writing as a five-year old child in the back of her mother’s bible in church. It was a way to keep the fidgety child quiet but even then she took simple stories and twisted them into even more imaginative tales. As she grew, the stories grew with her and she filled notebook after notebook with her musings.
As an adult, she knew she wanted to be a writer but she lacked the attention span and inspiration required to produce a full length story. Eventually she put away her notebooks and turned her attention to the business world where she toiled away for many years.
She stopped reading fiction, stopped entertaining her outlandish imagination, and stopped dreaming of being a writer. Until one day, many months ago she went to sleep and a beautiful love story played out in her dreams.
When she awoke she felt compelled to write it down. And she wrote and she wrote, for days and days she wrote. The result is part one of Enzo and Ava’s story. Turn Towards the Sun is her first, but certainly not her last, novel.
Ms. Domenico lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her very Italian husband, a dog that adores her, two cats that tolerate her, and wicked sweet tooth. She is currently working on part two in the series.


What's the one piece of technology you can't live without?
 My ipad. I use it constantly when I’m home. Funny thing is I rarely read on it. I use it to play games. No lie.

What's your favorite thing to do when you're not writing? 
When I’m not writing, which is almost never, I like to watch home improvement shows or weight loss stories. I find both of them inspiring. I hate watching a tv show or movie that requires too much of my attention because I don’t have much to begin with.

Describe yourself in 3 words. 
Sarcastic, Sensitive, Determined.

What was your inspiration for the book? 
It started as a conversation I had with friends about a real life situation I witnessed. There was a guy I worked with and he got himself into trouble with women he worked with all the time. After I told the story, one of my friends said, that should be a book so there you go.

How much of the characters are based on your traits or someone you know personally?
 In Chasing Desire, there are no characters in the book that have traits of people I know. I can’t say the same for Turn Towards the Sun or Beautifully Twisted.

If you could switch places with any of your characters, who would it be? Why?
 I would switch places with my character from my current work in progress, Londyn Falls, because she works at Harvard and falls in love with the most incredible man, who just happens to be a professor. *Swoon*

What scene was your favorite to write? 
My favorite scene is probably the earthquake. It was a major turning point in the novel, and both characters revealed parts of themselves they had previously kept hidden.

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