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Kismet Blog Tours, Teaser Excerpt, & Giveaway: Leading Her Witness (Cheryl Ann Smith)

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Goons, deadbeats, and murder: A tenacious process server's unconventional techniques get her into loads of trouble. So much so that her boss jokes that he keeps the coroner on speed dial just in case. Still, most of Andie Dixon's job is pretty tame if she doesn't count snapping dogs and homeowners squirting her with garden hoses.
That changes when she serves papers on a notorious crime boss and puts her life in real jeopardy. But despite this close call, Andie will not let threats keep her from doing her job. She puts the matter behind her until a hunky U.S. Marshal tracks her down and solicits her help to find the fugitive. Again. At first Andie adamantly refuses, but eventually agrees when she's swayed by the Marshal's persistence and rather dreamy brown eyes. However, when crime boss Sammy Gilroy finds out she's back and close on his heels, he threatens to make her disappear for good this time.
Marshall Colin Navarro needs to find Sammy Gilroy before the man vanishes forever. Colin is certain that the notorious crime leader was involved in a shoot-out with the FBI that injured his sister. But he never expected that he'd have to sway a newbie process-server to help, or that she'd turn out to be stubborn, aggravating, and an all-around pain in the ass. Yet despite her shortcomings, he cannot figure out why she's taken over his thoughts and is front and center in some very hot fantasies. But can he keep her from getting herself killed as they edge closer to catching the fugitive? Then again, the crime boss and his goons don't know who they're messing with.
With Andie on the case, Colin is beginning to believe that justice may be served after all.

About Leading Her Witness:

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Cheryl Ann Smith loves mystery and adventure and always includes both in her books. And when she's not putting her heroines in danger, she's watching true crime shows or spending way too much time on email with friends. Cheryl lives in Michigan with her family and several pets.

About Cheryl Ann Smith:

To process server, Andie Dixon, this case was far and above serving court papers for divorce cases and traffic warrants. To find herself just yards away from her first criminal went way beyond stupidity as far as she was concerned. But she had something to prove to herself…and to her family. This case would show her mother and sisters that she wasn’t headed for a lifetime of dead-end jobs and familial disappointment.

Four months in and she was convinced she’d finally found her calling...if she didn’t end up dead.

According to what little the courts had on the man, Sammy ran an illegal gambling establishment. He had no history of violent crime. Still, she couldn’t count on the bodyguards not to snap off her arms and legs if angered.

And of course, her boss had kicked up her fee to get her to take this serve. She had to finish her assignment. So she straightened her spine, took a deep breath, and continued her perusal of the pool area.

Beside the silicone strippers that lounged in various stages of undress, Sammy’s wheelchair-bound, ninety-year-old mother sat half asleep under a cabana and out of the Michigan summer heat. Maude Gilroy was attended by a duo of handsome male nurses who hovered around and periodically checked her oxygen bottle. Andie knew from her surveillance that Sammy was devoted to his mother.

After a quick perusal of the nurses, she dismissed the men and Maude as a threat to her person. The pair of medical professionals seemed fairly harmless, and the old woman appeared within kicking distance of the grave.

She had to revise her opinion of Maude Gilroy when one claw-like hand shot out from under a green knitted afghan and patted the fanny of the taller, darker-haired nurse. A trilling cackle burst from Maude’s face when the accosted nurse turned to shake his head at her. Maude waggled her brows. The nurse took a deep breath for patience.

Bemused, Andie shook her head. This would be a piece of cake. What was better than hanging out by the pool with an oversexed old lady and a dangerous crime boss who could gut her like a fish and go back to ogling nearly bare breasts without breaking a sweat?

The urge to save her hide lost out to the need to prove herself capable of facing any foe—to herself, if no one else.

With a resolute sigh, she shoved her hand between her breasts and pulled out a handful of rumpled legal documents from inside her one-piece blue Speedo swimsuit. Hey, when in Rome. Besides, it would be easier to fit into the crowd dressed as the other women were. She looked down at her thirty-four-B-ish boobs. Okay, so her chest wasn’t exactly the same size as the other women’s, but at least hers were all natural and did not involve a doctor’s intervention. 

Besides, she was a consummate professional. Well, at least she liked to tell herself that. And who was around to dispute her conclusion?

Several minutes passed before the topless redhead finally finished lotion application on Sammy and stepped away to speak to someone in the pool. It was now or never.

Her confidence rose as Andie pulled in two deep breaths and moved with stealthy steps around the end of the bushes and toward her victim, his pink body in her sights.

You can do it, you can do it, she repeated in her head.

Squelching a last bit of panic, she closed off all outside distractions from her mind, her attention on her prey. Closer. Closer. Her calf brushed the foot end of Sammy’s chair when all hell broke loose.

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