Sunday, January 10, 2016

5 Star Children's Book Review & AWESOME Giveaway: Storm Buddies (Melissa Pope)

Storm BuddiesPaperback, 24 pages
Published August 30th 2013 by 1st Books

Storm Buddies is a fictional tale about a little boy named Tommy who is terrified of stormy weather. Tommy overcomes this fear with the help of three small animals, called The Storm Buddies, who live in a cloud pillow under Tommy's bed. The Storm Buddies have superpowers that help calm Tommy during scary thunderstorms, ultimately comforting him to sleep. 

Melissa Pope
Melissa Pope is a children's book author, and Storm Buddies is her first book. Before becoming an author, Melissa was an elementary teacher. She and her husband have been married for 23 years, and they live with their three sons in the St Louis area.

I was so excited when I got the opportunity to review this adorable book! I loved all the simple yet eye-catching images within the story that are drawn with bright, bold colors and easy wording that will help hold a child's attention. 

Storms are scary to not only children but adults as well so when I saw this book that could help children to overcome their fears...I jumped at the chance to review it. 

Storm buddies help to comfort children when they are scared due to bad weather and storms. The child can talk and pray with their new buddies about their fears and issues with storms and how/why they scare them. Storm buddies have superhero powers that can help make the child feel safer during a storm. 

I think this is a great book for parents to use with their children that can create a calming environment and can make the child feel safer. 

The storm cloud pillow and the buddies are attractive to kids and get them interested in the book and hearing the story and then once they open up the storm cloud and see the surprises waiting inside then they are happy and smiling at their new toys. 

"Just tell us what you are afraid of and we can use our super powers to help. We will watch over you all day and night. We will be BUDDIES forever!!"

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  1. Thank You SoCal PR for this incredible giveaway!!!
    I would love to check out Storm Buddies and read it to my little nephew :)
    Love the plush animals! I want them!

  2. Thank you to SoCal PR. My little niece is afraid of storms. So are my cats.

  3. Woot Woot; I think children’s book giveaways are one of my faves. My daughter so enjoys having something new to read. Hats off to SoCal. :-)
    -Audra O'Hara

  4. Thanks for this great giveaway SoCal PR! This book is really important.