Friday, January 15, 2016

Delacorte Press for Young Readers Spotlight on "The Cat Who Came In Off The Roof" by Annie M.G. Schmidt

Paperback, 160 pages
Published March 3rd 2015 by
Delacorte Books for Young Readers
Children's Fiction

Tibble, a journalist, is obsessed with cats and is about to lose his job unless he finds something news-worthy to report on. As luck would have it, he runs into a strange young woman stuck up a tree, scared of a dog. Minou claims to be a cat, turned inexplicably into a human. A very catlike, purring human. 

Annie M.G. Schmidt
Anna Maria Geertruida Schmidt was a Dutch writer.
Although she wrote a variety of poems, songs, books, plays, musicals, and radio- en television drama, she is known best for her children's literature, for which she received the Hans Christian Andersen Award in 1988. She committed suicide a day after her 84th birthday and was buried in Amsterdam.


 “The story is worth reading just for the fun of watching Minou try to suppress her cat urges to rub up against the fishmonger, chase birds, and claw a woman in a cat-fur coat. A charming, refreshing, and funny treat.”—Kirkus Reviews

"To discover Annie M. G. Schmidt is to feel like the cat who got the cream—and the salmon fillet. . . . Guaranteed to make anyone 7-plus to 107 who likes to curl up with a book and a cat purr with pleasure."—The Times UK

"Enchanting. . . . Amusing and uplifting."—The Sunday Times UK

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