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Blog Tour, Interview, & Giveaway: Escaping Darkness (Theresa McClinton)

escaping darkness
Escaping Darkness She may have spent years in an asylum, but that didn’t make her crazy–just fearless. Dropped in Moscow with her friends on an impossible mission against underworld forces, Tara is left to her feelings of overwhelming inadequacy. Her boyfriend is a healer, her best friend is “the Guardian,” and everyone else is a powerhouse of awesome strengths. The only thing she has been able to contribute are her memories, which has left her with nightmares of her time spent at the mercy of the evil Sarian–who everyone has gone to fight. Alone with her emotions, Tara finds herself falling into a city of depravity and corruption. And amidst all this evil is a young man with an agenda of his own, who leads her down a road that will either prove she is a hero at heart, or drag her into a world she’s always feared. He wants revenge, she wants redemption. And in an underground rings of missing girls and bloody sacrifices, only the fearless can survive…


Author Theresa McClinton A long time enthusiast of things that go bump in the night, Theresa started her writing career as a journalism intern—possibly the least creative writing field out there. After her first semester at a local newspaper, she washed her hands of press releases and features articles to delve into the whimsical world of young adult paranormal romance. Since then, Theresa has gotten married, had three terrific kids, moved to central Ohio, and was repeatedly guilt tripped into adopting a menagerie of animals that are now members of the family. But don’t be fooled by her domesticated appearance. Her greatest love is travel. Having stepped foot on the soil of over a dozen countries, traveled to sixteen U.S. states—including an extended seven-year stay in Kodiak, Alaska—she is anything but settled down. But wherever life brings her, she will continue to weave tales of adventure and love with the hope her stories will bring joy and inspiration to her readers.

1.           What gave you the inspiration to write this book?

Tara was my true inspiration. She is a secondary character from The Stone Guardian who quickly grew on me. Her past is sometimes difficult to hear and sadly, relatable to many victims of child abuse. But she is strong and brave, and her empathy for the situation of others drives her to solve problems that aren’t always hers to solve. She’s a true hero—a human in a world of supernatural beings—determined to make a difference in the world.

2.           Who is your favorite character in the book?

I have to say in this Escaping Darkness, it’s Peter. He’s the hero, though he doesn’t have as much page time as Malachi—an all new character you guys will love.
Still, Peter is so damn sweet, and he really cares for Tara, treating her with such tenderness and understanding through the entire story. I just adore him.

3.           Which came first, the title or the novel?

The novel. This one I had to ask for help in naming, and to do that, I went to the person who inspired Tara’s character. My muse did a great job, and I found it fitting she helped name the book.

4.           What scene in the book are you most proud of, and why?


Probably the scene where Tara calls it quits with Peter. I adore that scene because the raw emotion Tara shows brings me to tears when I read it. Honestly, I couldn’t have written any of these scenes without my characters telling me how they would handle the situation. Each of them are their own person, and they all act in a way indicative to themselves without me having to really invent their reactions.

5.           Thinking way back to the beginning, what’s the most important thing you’ve learned as a writer from then to now?

This is a really difficult question, but I have to say that my editor for both The Stone Guardian and Escaping Darkness, Rachel Firasek, taught me how to keep my scenes tight and meaningful. That’s probably the most useful tool I’ve learned since the beginning.

6.           What do you like most about the cover of the book?

My graphic designer, Elle J Rossi, did a fantastic job at working with me on the cover. We corresponded back and forth until we got it just how we wanted it. I think my favorite part of this cover is the tree in the background, though Tara is beautiful. The tree has meaning, and when you read the book, you’ll find out why. Just to warn you, this book does have a flare of horror, which is where the tree comes in to play.

7.           What new release book are you looking most forward to in 2013?

I am just now finishing book three of the series, Lights Of Aurora. It is another full-length novel with more twist and turns than you can imagine. I am so excited about it because you will get to see Ashley in some real action with her abilities, Arwan in a way you never saw coming, and some characters you never expected to see again.

I don’t know if the book will release in 2013, but I hope so! I’ll keep you posted.

8.           What was your favorite book in 2012?

I haven’t had a chance to read much this year due to all of the writing, but I have had the chance to review a young adult paranormal romance titled Blood She Read, by Sara Hubbard, and a shorter novel titled Shifting Pride, by Laura Diamond. I’d highly recommend them both!

9.           What’s up next for you?

Like I said earlier, Lights Of Aurora is almost complete—though the editing process is still looming in the distance. Then I’ll be working on another novella length book for the series based around Jayden. Yes, I know you guys love that idea. I can’t wait. Another full-length novel will come after that, but I can’t release any information about it quite yet. All I can say is it will be bittersweet, and the series will go out with a bang!

Is there anything that you would like to add?

A big thank you for having me on your blog today, and a huge show of appreciation to my readers. You guys are amazing. If you haven’t hooked up with me on Facebook and Twitter yet, swing over and friend/follow me so we can chat, and you can know about the new releases to come!


The Stone Guardian When myth becomes reality, reality becomes a nightmare.

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