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Blog Tour, Interview, & Giveaway: Into The Fire (Jodi McIsaac)


Into the Fire Blog Tour [Guest Post + Giveaway]Into the Fire by Jodi McIsaac
on Nov. 12, 2013
Series: The Thin Veil #2

Cedar McLeod would like nothing more than to return to Tír na nÓg, help rebuild the mythical kingdom, and start a new life for herself and her daughter, Eden. But peace is isn’t what Cedar finds after being reunited with her little girl.
Nuala—who kidnapped and terrorized Eden in her previous bid for power—has returned and is making a persuasive claim for the vacant throne. The devastation such a ruler would bring upon both the kingdom and the human world is unthinkable. With no one else to stake a convincing counter-claim, Cedar steps forward . . . but first she must prove her worth beyond a doubt.
Her opportunity comes when she is charged with finding an ancient treasure, the Stone of Destiny, and returning it to its rightful home. It is a quest that will lead her to question her beliefs, and push her loyalties to their limits. If she succeeds, Cedar could grant her new world and her new family a chance to flourish again. If not . . . destruction may be the only path ahead.
Into the Fire, the second book in the Thin Veil series, is a captivating blend of Celtic myth, mystery, and adventure that delves deeper into the ancient world first explored in Through the Door.

Hello! I’m the author of THROUGH THE DOOR, the first book in the Celtic urban fantasy series The Thin Veil. Book #2, INTO THE FIRE, is being released November 12, 2013.
I grew up in New Brunswick, Canada. After stints as a short-track speed skater, a speechwriter, and fundraising and marketing executive in the nonprofit sector, I started a boutique copywriting agency and began writing novels in the wee hours of the morning. I currently live with my husband and two feisty daughters in Calgary, Alberta.

Q: What influenced you to write this series?

I had a lot of friends—myself included—who were adult, professional, well-educated women reading young adult fantasy. And it’s not that I don’t enjoy YA, to a point, but I grew weary of the teenaged angst (been there, done that, don’t really want to go back). I wanted to read a book that had adventure and romance and magic, but also dealt with the same issues I was dealing with – parenting, career, in-laws, and all the rest. And so I wrote it.

Q: Cedar sounds like a strong female lead, who or what inspired you to write her?

Well, this is going to sound awful now that you’ve said that, but she was inspired by myself. She is a strong woman, but in Through the Door she’s actually quite afraid and overwhelmed. She’s never really managed to cope with her lover’s betrayal and the pressures of single parenting, and all of a sudden her daughter is kidnapped and she’s thrown into a world of magic and needs to trust a bunch of strangers in order to get her daughter back. I know I would find that incredibly overwhelming, and so she spends a lot of time asking questions and trying to figure things out. But then in the second book, Into the Fire, she’s accepted the new reality and is ready to take charge of things—and to do whatever it takes to make sure her family isn’t torn apart again. Into the Fire is where we see who she really is come to the fore—a strong, smart, confident woman who goes outside her comfort zone to protect the people she loves.

Q: Are you a planner or a pantser?

Definitely a planner. I outline obsessively. My outline for Through the Door was 80 pages long. I managed to narrow it down to about 12 pages for Into the Fire. But I go into it knowing that when I begin writing, things will change. I’m very open to discovering different places for the story to go. But the thought of a blank page terrifies me; I don’t think I could get started unless I had some sort of road map in front of me.

Q: Do you have any tips for people wanting to write a book?

Butt on chair, hands on keyboard. I spent far too many years wanting to write a book, planning to write a book, reading books on how to write a book. Your first draft will probably be horrible (mine are), but you can’t edit a blank page. You have to be disciplined, get rid of the time-wasters in your life, and make writing a priority if you really want to get it done.

Q: What’s up next for you?

I’m currently working on a short story and doing final edits on Among the Unseen, which is the third book in the series (and will be released on May 20, 2014). Then I get to take one of the many, many ideas in my notebook and write something new!

Jodi McIsaac is the author of the Thin Veil contemporary fantasy series, where Celtic mythology and the modern world collide. INTO THE FIRE, the second book in the series, is being released on November 12. You can pre-order it here.



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