Tuesday, November 12, 2013

CBB Book Promotions Blog Tour, Review, and Giveaway: Rook (Monica MacDonald)

Rook by Genre: Fantasy
Age: Young Adult
Published: November 1st
Page Count: Approx. 310Monica MacDonald

Could you be the monster to save who you love?

Two women, separated by generations, must leave what they know to start a new life. Seventeen-year-old Kate's senior year is ruined when she's moved from the only home she's ever known. After an isolating month alone in her apartment, school starts, but neither her classmates nor her teacher are who they seem. Kali, a single mother living in the nineteenth century wilds of Montana, is stalked by a malicious past. She fights to keep her daughter safe while her freedom is threatened by her less than benevolent benefactor. Both find love, and with it hope, but that is quickly ripped away as one woman must learn the lessons of the other -- before it's too late to save either.

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Monica is a married graduate student with three boys. Utah is home right now, but the need to wander has extended beyond the fantasy world of writing and into real life. She's lived all around the US and even into the Middle East. The world is really a small place, only made bigger through imagination.

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If you believe in reincarnation and immortals then this book is for you! The reader is lost in the mystery of the connection between Kate and Kali until close to the end of the book. This made for a real page turner! I love how the author went back in forth between current day with Kate and almost 100 years ago with Kali. 

The book begins with a prologue told by Kali. Kali was a young mother with special healing powers. Kali once loved a man named Christian until he used his special powers to murder innocent people. Kali found herself trapped by Christian and started to plan a way for her, her daughter Nelly and their friend Emily to escape from Christian. Did they make it away from him? How is Kate and Kali connected? You should pick up this book and find out! 


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