Thursday, October 23, 2014

Something Wicked Strikes Guest Post & INCREDIBLE Giveaway with Emily Goodwin (Author of Contagium Series)


Fall is creeping up on us and that means it is time for the return ofSomething Wicked!

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This event promises to be bigger and better than last year!

If you are new to Something Wicked, you are in for a treat. You can expect to find terrific paranormal reads almost every day of the month along with a giveaway!

I am beyond honored to be able to host one of my favorite Horror writers......

Emily Goodwin

Emily is the author of the amazingly successful horror series, The Contagium Trilogy. It has everything you want in a good horror story!!!!  I am a HUGE fan!!! I couldn't wait to host her on my blog and try to help get the word out about her phenomenal series!!! If you have not checked out The Contagium series and you are a fan of horror and zombies then you are truly missing out!!!! Make sure and enter the giveaway below for a chance to win a copy of her phenomenal book!!!!!

Top 5 Scariest Scenes

If you’ve read any of my books, you know that I cannot stay away from suspense and horror. I find myself adding in “scary” scenes to my erotica and romance, even. I’m a horror addict and fear junkie in real life, and I find it so thrilling to seek out the unknown. That being said, it takes a lot to scare me—fictionally. But there are certain scenes that I saw so vividly in my mind while I wrote them they freaked me out. It was hard to pick my favorites, so here are the top five creepiest scenes I’ve written:

5.)  Anora looks for Pricolici in UNBOUND. This freaked me out because the setting of the barn in Unbound is based off of a barn I know in real life so it is very vivid in my mind. And I really feel for Anora in this scene. She’s scared but wants revenge, and is trying to stop the demons before they hurt anyone else. Her heart is in the right place, but that won’t keep her safe. There is something super scary about being in the woods at night on its own, so when you throw in a storm and demons who want to kill you, it gets downright terrifying. 

“A low growl came from a few feet to my left. Heart racing, I whirled around but couldn’t see anything through the dark trees. Another growl, this one low and taunting, drifted through a dark tangle of weeds right in front of me. Coming here alone was a stupid idea, I realized. I slowly turned to face my insidious enemy.”

4.)  The first chapter in REAPER. This freaks me out because your house is supposed to be safe. When creepy things start happening inside your home, then you feel like nowhere is safe. In this scene, Anora is home alone, which can freak you out anyway, and she can’t decipher what is real or what isn’t. The thought of not knowing if I was dealing with reality or not freaks me out so much. Even waking up groggy and out of it messes with my head. Is this a dream? A nightmare? Or real life?

A familiar creaking made my blood run cold. I dropped my shirt and sprinted out of the kitchen. The front door was slowly opening. My body slammed against it, expecting something to resist. The door easily shut. With shaking hands, I locked the deadbolt. I knew that I had locked the door. I had even checked more than once.

3.)  Orissa fighting crazies in the dark, hospital basement in CONTAGIOUS. I think it says it all right there: crazies, dark, and hospital basement. And I won’t lie; I was very jumpy when writing this scene! This is one of the first times Orissa faces the infected, and the first time the victims of their carnage were people she cared about. Not only is snaking through a maze-like basement creepy enough, but Orissa has to do so while the reality of what is happen crashes down on her.

Misjudging his strength, I tried to counter his jump with my own weight. He slammed into me, whacking me against the wall. My head hit hard, sending black, sharp pain throughout my body. My legs threatened to buckle. The crazy opened his mouth, set on ripping his teeth into my flesh. Letting my knees give out was actually a good idea. I slid down the wall, darted in between his legs, got back on my feet and, kicked him into the wall in seconds. Padraic outstretched his hand, holding a broken brick. I took it, and, closing my eyes, brought it down on the crazy’s head. The brick fell out of my grip. It sickened me; the crack of his head, the way he still growled as his blood gushed out.

2.)  The scene from The Truth is Contagious when the guys go into a nursing home. Orissa and friends realize that the crazies are smarter than they thought…and that makes them even more dangerous. The whole scene is full of action and unexpected attacks. Orissa is separated from her friends. Being alone and not knowing the fate of those you care about definitely freaks me out! 

I woke up to a throbbing pain in my head. The ground was cold and hard beneath me. I was propped up against a post, my hands bound behind my back. Right away I knew the quiver had been taken, and I was sure I had been hit in the head. Dim light flickered from the hall and the hum of the fluorescent bulbs was sure to give me an instant headache. I looked down: the gun and my knife were also gone.

1.)  Despite all the horror, the monsters, and the worst-case-scenarios I put my characters through in the Contagium Series and the Guardian Legacies Series, nothing freaks me out more than my realistic dark romance, STAY. This book is about human trafficking, which sets it apart from demons and zombies.
The monsters in STAY are real. Trafficked victims are real. Being kidnapped can happen. The realism of this book shakes me to my very core. I did not write this book intending on it to be horror-ish in any way. But knowing that the horrible things that happen to Adeline can happen to anyone is scarier than any monster I could ever create.
Something slammed shut above me, clicking into place. The noise brought me back to consciousness, waking me up into an instant panic. My eyes flew open and my breath came out in ragged huffs. I was lying on my side, and it was dark. Too dark to see anything. My heart hammered with fear, and I felt like I was going to get sick. Beads of sweat rolled down my face and the hard surface I was lying on hurt my hip. Where the hell was I? What was going on? Rough carpet rubbed against my cheek, irritating my skin. I reached up above me, stretching my stiff arm. My hand hit the ceiling. I pressed my palm against it. It was solid. I pushed, straining my muscles. The air was hot and stale. No. This wasn’t happening, it couldn’t be happening. This isn’t real, I told myself. I was in the trunk of a car.



  1. Emily, I LOVE what I have read of this series so far, and cannot wait to continue the journey! Thank you!

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