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CBB Promotions Blog Tour, Interview, & Giveaway: Ice Cream Work (Naoshi)


Welcome to my tour stop for Ice Cream Work by Naoshi! This is a children's picture book and the tour runs September 28 - October 9 with reviews, interviews and more. Check out the tour page for the full schedule.

Release: October 1, 2015
Publisher: Overcup Press
ISBN: 0­9834917­3­9
Price: $14.99 hardcover
Pages: 40
appropriate for ages 3 and up

Where will Ice Cream Man work next??
Ice Cream Man knows there’s lots of work to be done! Whether it’s cheerfully posing next to chocolate cake, beaming team spirit as 1/8th of a sunflower, or glowing bright as he becomes a fabulous night light, Ice Cream Man is ready for the job!
This delicious, quirky children’s book by internationally acclaimed Japanese artist Naoshi combines a whimsical story with colorful sunae (sand art). A “Look & Find” section challenges youngsters to scour the pages for small details, and a “How To Make Sunae” section guides readers step‐by‐step through a “sand painting” art project of their own.
“Ice Cream Work is a meticulous and stunning piece of art. The story exudes a loopy, anarchist joy: chronicling the adventures of a hard­working and stylish frozen dairy confection and his eclectically industrious week.” ­­ Dale Bayse, author of Heck, Where the Bad Kids Go series
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Naoshi is an internationally acclaimed Japanese illustrator whose  distinctive characters and original style are recognized around the world. She uses  shiny colorful sand to create surreal people living  in the real world. She has participated in a wide range of projects including gallery exhibitions, commercial work, and children’s workshops. Naoshi is a Tokyo based artist currently living in Los Angeles.


Advance Praise for Ice Cream Work: 

“Naoshi’s work is original and unmistakably recognizable. With a dry sense of humor, appreciation of fashion, video games, fine pastries, and just plain fun, each piece by Naoshi is a finely made confection with a charm all her own.” — Ben Zhu, owner of Gallery Nucleus

“Naoshi represents everything I love about contemporary Japanese art: one foot in history, one foot in pop culture, two skilled hands, and her head firmly in a cloud of unadulterated enthusiasm for making art.” — Matt Wagner, author of The Tall Trees of Portland and The Tall Trees of Tokyo

“Naoshi’s pure approach to her art form is inspiring: knowing that the shiny bright colors that bring her stories alive are tiny grains of sand always transfixes me. Naoshi is one of today’s greatest artists.” — Carrie Gifford, founder & creative director of Red Cap Cards

"Some people bury their heads in the sand. Some draw lines in the sand. Sunae artist Naoshi does both: creating surreal worlds alive with wit and whimsy, one vibrantly colored grain of sand at a time. Ice Cream Work is a stunning piece of meticulous­ yet ­oddly spontaneous art that is as sweet and cool as a pint of hand­crafted ice cream. The story has a loopy, anarchist joy about it, rather like The Point by way of Cibo Matto, where a hard­working and stylish frozen dairy confection guides readers through his eclectically industrious week, even divulging how much he is paid for his days of outlandish toil. Children, hipsters, and anyone with an eye for the absurd will thoroughly lap up Ice Cream Work: from the top of its rainbow sprinkles right down to the tip of its sugar cone." ­ Dale Bayse, author of Heck, Where the Bad Kids Go series.


What surprised you most about living in the United States? 

N: The wide roads and freeways! While in Japan, I hadn’t driven in a decade, so I felt completely unable to drive in LA. Today, I sing while I drive!

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

I like chocolate ice cream so much! In Japan, there are some flavors you won’t find here. Red Bean ice cream is unique to my home. 

Who or what has had the biggest influence on your art?

N: Artist Kin Shiotani has been a real inspiration to me. He’s an illustrator and performer, and since meeting him in 2004, he’s been a large influence on me. 

Ice Cream Man works hard, but he also takes time to have fun and relax. How do you balance your life between work and play?

N: For me, if it’s work, it’s work. To balance my life, I go to music concerts, eat dinner with friends, read comic books and eat sweets. I’m gonna have fun!

Where your favorite place to vacation?

N: I prefer to go back to my hometown in Iwate, Japan. I find it relaxing to spend time with family and friends. I always feel renewed by my hometown.

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