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CBB Promotions Blog Tour, Interview, & Giveaway: Prisoner (Dennis W. Green)


Welcome to my tour stop for Prisoner by Dennis W. Green! Prisoner is an adult science fiction and the tour runs  with reviews, interviews, guest posts and excerpts.

Prisoner-Cover-HiResAbout Prisoner (Book Two):
Trav Becker is a police detective with multiple lives. Or to be more accurate, he’s a police detective who knows that multiple versions of himself live in countless different streams of existence.
When another Trav Becker appears bleeding and dying at his front door, Trav quickly realizes that something is dreadfully wrong in the multiverse.
Pursued by an FBI profiler who believes (with some justification) that Trav is hiding something, the detective races to save two kidnapped girls while also trying to sort out why he keeps turning up dead.
Desperate to preserve his home timeline, Trav is thrust into a hidden war that threatens to destroy the very fabric of reality itself.
Dennis Green returns to the universe he created in "Traveler" for another mind­bending thriller.


Traveler_CoverAbout Traveler (Book One):
 Blending mystery, police procedural and sci­fi, Traveler is a thriller in the tradition of Daniel Suarez and Dean Koontz, with just a dash of Jim Butcher.
Police detective Trav Becker can travel between parallel realities. So can other versions of him. And one is systematically killing every Trav he can find. Trav must fight to keep the very fabric of time itself from unwinding as he hunts the most dangerous quarry of all... himself.


DennisWGreenAbout the Author:
Dennis Green's first novel, the sci­fi detective thriller, Traveler, ranked in the Top Ten in the 2014 Ben Franklin Independent Publishing awards, and has a 4.9 review average on Amazon. The second volume of The Traveler Chronicles, Prisoner, has just been released.
Trav Becker's saga concludes in the final volume of the trilogy, Hunter, due in 2017. A popular radio personality in his native Iowa, Dennis's adventures as a DJ were covered by newspapers from Anchorage to Los Angeles. He has also worked on the stage, TV, and independent film.
Dennis's writing has appeared in the anthology Sadistic Shorts, magazines including Grift, and Romance and Beyond, as well as his own blog at By day, he is the general manager of Iowa's only jazz radio station, KCCK­FM. And if it's 5:30 am, you can probably find him in the pool, working out with the Milky Way Masters swim club.

Author Web Site:
Author Blog | Twitter @dgreencr | Facebook | GoodReads 

      What gave you the inspiration to write this book?

I’m a lifelong sci-fi and fantasy fan. Some of my favorite books include Roger Zelazny’s Amber series, and the Harry Dresden books. The movie “Frequency” influenced Traveler as well, with the protagonist leading a crappy life at the beginning, and improving his situation at the end.

But the idea for how parallel universes work in the Trav-verse dates back to when I was a radio personality hosting a daily DJ shift. One day I’m doing my radio show, and I can’t find a CD. I was certain I had gotten it from the rack on the wall, but it’s not in the stack where I thought I put it. I look everywhere. Go through all the CDs, check back at wall rack, everyplace. And I finally find it in a pile I looked through at least three times.

I thought to myself, “What if, in looking for this CD, I moved between two nearly identical parallel universes, but realities where I had put the CD in different places?”

That was the genesis of Traveler, that those little memory lapses and discontinuities where things don’t seem to be where we put them, or our memories of things differ from others’ recollections, are actually a result of us moving every day between the permeable walls of adjacent parallel realities.

The best thing about this theory, is it’s possible!

      Who is your favorite character in the book?

Morgan Foster, the psychic who Trav discovers to his shock is his love interest in many realities, is a joy to write. She wasn’t even in the first draft of the book, but I needed a credible witness to a crime and I got to thinking about the fact that whether you believe psychic powers are real or not, a psychic has to be adept at reading people, and incredibly observant. Next thing I knew, Morgan had completely taken over the scene and become the McCoy to Sam’s Spock as the two halves of Trav’s conscious.

I love writing the interactions between Trav and Morgan, particularly those moments when Trav lets slip things he knows about her because he has encountered her on other planes of reality. Not knowing what went on between them elsewhere just drives Morgan completely, freakin’ nuts.

  Which came first, the title or the novel?

The original title of Traveler was “The Hidden Man.” This is a reference to an old Poco tune named “Too Many Nights Too Long,” which is referenced in the book. In the song, the protagonist is running from someone who seems to know where he will be. One of the stanzas, sung in Spanish, calls this mysterious pursuer El Hombre Escondido, The Hidden Man. In Traveler, Trav Becker is hunting, and being hunted by, versions of himself from other reality streams. And who is more hidden from you than a reflection of yourself?

Eventually, I decided Traveler was a better title. But the influence of the Poco song remains in Traveler. I talk about the song, the band, and how it fits into the book in this blog post.

   What scene in the book are you most proud of, and why?

I don’t want to get too spoilery, but in Traveler, it’s the aftermath of the battle in the warehouse. Not one, not two, but three Travs in action, a stunning revelation about Morgan, and Trav’s encounter with someone he thought he would never see again. In the same way, in Prisoner, I again particularly like a scene at the book’s climax where Trav and Morgan must come to terms with their relationship.

     What do you like most about the cover of the book?

I worked with the great artist and designer, Clayton Chambers on the covers for both Traveler and Prisoner. From the beginning, I knew I wanted a cover that was kind of retro, hearkening back to graphic looks of TV shows like I Spy and The Man from U.N.C.L.E. I also hoped that read and blue motif that is a plot point in how Trav perceives other streams could be included. Clayton did all that, and I love both covers.

    What new release book are you looking most forward to in 2016?

I’m a Harry Dresden fan, to the point that this past summer, my son and I toured some of the Chicago locations where the Dresden books take place. So, I would have to put #16, Peace Talks, at the top of my list next year.

   What was your favorite book in 2015?

The Martian. Although I guess that may have come out in 2014. But I just finished listening to the audiobook, so it’s new to me. It seems like it’s been a while since we’ve had a great hard sci-fi novel based on real science. The Martian tells a great story, but never strays from what is scientifically possible. A momentous achievement.

     What’s up next for you?

I’m working on “Hunter,” the final book in the Traveler Trilogy. I’m promising it by 2017 but if I can wrap it sooner, I will. After that, I have a couple of possible new projects in mind. One is a new twist on the “immortals living among us” trope, tentatively titled “The Twelve.” The other is a humorous thriller about the director of a broke theatre company who accidentally gets confused with the leader of a black-ops spy ring, with action and (hopefully) hilarity ensuing.

Is there anything that you would like to add?

Just that I’m honored to be featured on your blog, Beth, and thank you letting me blather on a bit.

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  1. These interviews are always so fascinating! I didn't realize The Martian (which I haven't read or watched) was all based on things actually scientifically possible. Now I'm definitely more curious to read it (or watch it).
    Thanks so much for hosting a tour stop Beth!

  2. This cover is spectacular. I really enjoyed the interview and getting to know about the author and his books.

    1. I love gaining insight on authors!! It is just as interesting as reading their books!!