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Rockstar Book Tours Blog Tour, Excerpt and Giveaway: The Last Faerie Queen (Chelsea Pitcher)

Author: Chelsea Pitcher
Release Date: November 8, 2015
Pages: 408
Publisher: Flux
Formats: Paperback, eBook


After risking her life in the mortal world, the faerie princess Elora returns home to incite a revolution. Allied with the Bright Queen, Elora rallies her people for a battle aimed at overthrowing her mother, the Dark Queen. While some question their ability to win, Elora senses victory, knowing she has a secret weapon: Taylor, the human boy she loves, and a motley crew of his school friends, each armed with a skill that can turn the tide of the coming battle.


But then Elora's supporters in the Dark Court turn on her, believing she has forsaken them in favor of humans. When the Dark Queen kidnaps two of her human friends, Elora must mount a daring rescue mission to free them before her mother offers them up as a sacrifice.

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The Last ChangelingTitle: THE LAST CHANGELING
Author: Chelsea Pitcher
Release Date: November 8, 2014
Pages: 360
Publisher: Flux
Formats: Paperback, eBook, audiobook

A Kingdom at War . . .

Elora, the young princess of the Dark Faeries, plans to overthrow her tyrannical mother, the Dark Queen, and bring equality to faeriekind. All she has to do is convince her mother’s loathed enemy, the Bright Queen, to join her cause. But the Bright Queen demands an offering first: a human boy who is a “young leader of men.”

A Dark Princess In Disguise . . .

To steal a mortal, Elora must become a mortal—at least, by all appearances. And infiltrating a high school is surprisingly easy. When Elora meets Taylor, the seventeen-year-old who’s plotting to overthrow a ruthless bully, she thinks she’s found her offering . . . until she starts to fall in love.

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Chelsea Pitcher is a karaoke-singing, ocean-worshipping Oregonian with a penchant for wicked faerie tales. She began gobbling up stories as soon as she could read, and especially enjoys delving into the darker places to see if she can draw out some light. She is the author of THE S-WORD (Simon and Schuster), THE LAST CHANGELING (Flux), and THE LAST FAERIE QUEEN (Flux 2015).

A shiver went up my spine as a dark thought blossomed in my mind. 

Five mortals enter the Unseelie Court. How many come out? And, if I tip the scales, what will the cost be?

I glanced back at the faces of my friends. Kylie, who would do anything to protect the people she loved. Keegan, who had no vested interest in the High Faerie Courts or their subsequent downfall, and was only here out of loyalty to his sister. Perhaps, also, to me. And last, but never least, Taylor. My love. My heart. 

How many lives would I sacrifice for him? Here, as the leader of the revolution, in a position of near-absolute power, I had control over who lived and who died. Who stood at the front lines, and who lingered in the back. Certainly, I would stand among the first wave, as any leader should, but Taylor? The boy who’d saved me so many times, in so many ways? What would I do to make sure he survived? Or, in uglier terms ... 

Who would I place in front of him? 

As we entered the Unseelie Palace, the servants pressing in around us, I saw the answer to my question right in front of me. She sat in the entryway, in one of the many thrones situated throughout the castle. Red velvet curtains hung on either side of her to illustrate her importance. 

“Don’t look into her eyes,” I warned quickly. “She can intuit your darkest fears and use them to break you.” 

“Wait, that’s a person?” Keegan muttered. “She looks like a statue.” 

It was a fair point—until she stood. The Queen of the Dark Faeries towered over us in layer upon layer of black. Ribbons laced up her bodice and her arms. The tops of her snowy breasts billowed out of her corset, bluish-gray veins crawling like lines through marble, and her ebony hair was lined with scarlet. Oh, she was beautiful. 

As beautiful as death after lifelong starvation.

2 winners will receive a signed finished copy of THE LAST FAERIE QUEEN, US/Canada Only.

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