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Blog Tour & Giveaway: Trail of Bones (Chris Salisbury)

trail of bones
Trail of BonesReady for a new adventure? Are you a fan of fantasy, young adult, science fiction and action stories?
“No mercy, No rules - Welcome to the Trail of Bones!”
Run with Purpose – battle cry of the Shade Wolves
Magnus, the runt of a litter of Shade Wolves, wants nothing more than to be a loyal, strong member of the pack. But when an ancient enemy threatens his friends and family, he faces a choice that could tear him from all he's known and loved. Born in captivity, the giant panther Kelor knows nothing but suffering and loss. He struggles to find his place in this world of terror, and he battles to protect his family without succumbing to the darkness lurking inside him. Falling captive to the evil Warden, the two are forced to fight in the battle of the beasts known as 'The Trail of Bones'. How will Kelor and Magnus learn to work together? How will they escape a fate of despair and death? How will their choices affect their comrades? Their enemies? And the forgotten magic that could doom all life of their world? Let the adventures begin!
A fun, exciting, clean read for teens, young adults, adults and readers of all ages. Pick up your copy of this fantasy adventure today!
Are you a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Robert Jordan, Orson Scott Card, Jim Butcher and other fantasy and science fiction authors? You’ll feel right at home with Trail of Bones. This fantasy story offers a strong moral message, suspense, action, and mystery, in a world full of magic, unlikely heroes, and devious villains.


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Editorial Reviews Salisbury is a rising star in genre fiction. This book makes a unique and exciting contribution in the fantasy realm. The first of great things to come. --Jake Black, "The Authorized Ender Companion" "Smallville" "Ender's Game: Recruiting Valentine" Amazon Reviews Conclusion: A fantasy adventure that features lots of action and intrigue that is geared to a YA audience. There are moments in this tale that are especially well done... story telling at a level that I'd be interested to see what this author would do with an adult orientated fantasy work. As a dedicated YA work... 5 Stars. ~ Ray Nicholson The beginning of a great adventure! I thoroughly enjoyed reading the first book of the Trail of Bones series. It is an unpredictable adventure, with heartwrenching acts of love and friendship. The story ended before I was prepared to put my Kindle down, and now I will wait anxiously for the second book to be published. In the meantime, I think I'll read it again with my eleven-year-old son; I'm sure he'll love it as much as I do. Give it a read! ~ HRL Enthralling story line that really pulls you in …The characters were some that I will not easily forget because he explains their background in a way that makes the reader really connect and believe they are real. He creates a world that I long to see. I really grew to both love and hate different characters. I think that is a sign of a really great author when they can make us feel so much emotion towards a character. ~ Janason

About Chris SalisburyChris Salisbury has been writing fantasy, science fiction, suspense, and action thrillers for years in independent films. Now he’s expanded his love of good movies, such as Gladiator, Counte of Monte Cristo, Saving Private Ryan, Braveheart, Star Trek, to the world of books. Trail of Bones is the first book in a planned four part fantasy, young adult series targeted at readers of all ages.
The father of four enjoys a wide range of interests from scuba diving to softball, coaching basketball to playing Battlefield 3 on his Xbox 360 or NCAA Football with his sons. He is also a big advocate for literacy and reading for young boys. There seem to be few titles that appeal to young boys and young men to hold their attention, trigger their imaginations and create a love of reading. Chris is out to change that.
In addition to the Trail of Bones series, he also has a number of other titles in development including historical fiction, action, suspense thrillers, and several science fiction properties. There’s a lot more on the horizon, so enjoy Trail of Bones but be sure to look for more captivating titles from Chris Salisbury in the near future.

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“Entula tuulo’ i’ba, Beleger!” the Storm Elf shouted as he looked into the starless black cloak of the night sky.

He threw his head back, squinted until his beady eyes shut, and extended his arms with his hands open and up-turned. He stood motionless and waited for something, anything to happen; a strike of lightning, a gale-force wind, a violent shake of the ground beneath his feet that were shod in pointed shoes. But nothing came, and the forest was as quiet as the darkest tomb in the catacombs of Cordale. Not even the trees made a sound, and their boughs remained rigid and eerily silent. It was as if the very world held its breath, refusing to offer even the slightest submission to the elf’s magical request.

A few moments passed in awkward stillness while the elf remained frozen in his posture of anticipation. Finally, an acorn fell and struck the ground. There was no blaze of fire or magical waves of energy. Nothing.

The Storm Elf slowly opened one eye and peered down his narrow nose at an object resting before him. A large black, furry beast lay quiet and lifeless on a large altar chiseled from a dark gray stone. Like the trees, sky, wind, and everything else in the forest clearing, the beast made no movement.

“Ugh!” said the elf as he exhaled an exasperated sigh. His shoulders slumped to his side.

“Why isn’t this working? I know those are the right words!” he grumbled. His frustration grew as he knelt and rummaged through a small pack sitting near the foot of the stone altar.

“Come all this way for nothing? I think not!” He argued with himself. “Korwin Widestep does not give up so easily. They’ll see.”

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