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Good Choice Reading Blog Tours, Guest Post, & Giveaway: Head Over Heels For The Boss (Susan Meier)

Head Over Heels for the Boss by Susan Meier
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication: September 14th, 2015 by Entangled Publishing

Fantasizing about the boss is one thing. Falling in love with him is quite another…
Isabelle Cooper's in big, big trouble. Her flower shop? Well, it was just bought by the man she’s had a crush on forever. Her new boss, Devon Donovan, is a tall glass of melt-in-your-mouth hotness. The problem? Devon is definitely not interested in love. No ifs, ands, or buds about it.
Devon knows Isabelle has been crushing on him since college, but buying her business shouldn’t be a problem. Not only is she his employee, but as the eldest Donovan brother, he’s too busy protecting the family fortune for romance. But tomboy “Izzy” is all grown up now. And he’s finding it impossible to resist her, no matter how hard he tries...


Susan Meier is the author of over 60 books for Harlequin and Silhouette, Entangled Indulgence, Red Hot Bliss and Bliss and one of Guideposts' Grace Chapel Inn series books, THE KINDNESS OF STRANGERS. In 2013 she lived one of her career-long dreams. Her book, THE TYCOON’S SECRET DAUGHER was a finalist for RWA’s highest honor, the Rita. The same year NANNY FOR THE MILLIONAIRE’S TWINS was a National Reader’s Choice finalist and won the Book Buyer’s Best Award.
Susan is married with three children and is one of eleven children, which is why love and family are always part of her stories.


In the original premise for HEAD OVER HEELS FOR THE BOSS, Isabelle Cooper was supposed to have a cat that hated the hero. I saw scenes in my head of the cat giving Devon Donovan the evil eye. I also saw the cat doing things like wrapping around Devon’s ankles, making him clumsy. I saw him having to win over the cat to win over the heroine.

It was hysterical…and none of it ever found its way into the book.

There wasn’t room for it. Once LuAnn announced she was marrying Bob, the town’s longtime fire chief, especially after she asked Isabelle to be her wedding planner, the whole book changed course. The family had just inherited a boatload of money and the sudden wedding had Devon seriously wondering about Bob’s intentions. That fear wove nicely into Devon’s conflict and ultimately made the story richer.

This is what authors mean when they say a character can change the direction of the book. If it had been a bad idea for LuAnn to ask Isabelle to be her wedding planner, I might have deleted all that. LOL But it wasn’t a bad idea. It was a great idea. LuAnn deserved her happy ending too.

I also didn’t expect Ellie, heroine from Book 1, HER SUMMER WITH THE MARINE, to go into labor early. But that worked out great since she then didn’t have to be pregnant for Bob and LuAnn’s wedding. But also, the scene where the whole family races to the hospital didn’t just show how close they really were, in spite of their dad’s beatings; it also showed that the family was finally healing. I loved that. It made me cry with happiness for the Donovans…so I pretty much knew readers needed to see that too.

The story became so rich and emotional that the cat, cute though she was, got nudged out. ☺

But don’t worry about her. She’s actually my real life cat, Sophie. She gets lots of snuggles from me and my son. And she really will show up in a book someday…giving the hero the evil eye and forcing him to win HER over so he can win over the heroine.

Happy reading…

Susan Meier

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