Saturday, September 26, 2015

Review: A Story of Like (Courtney Clark)

A Story of Like
He's every woman's idea of the perfect man: a middle income job, a receding hair line that only Mr. Clean would envy, and a body fit for the beer Olympics. 
Who could resist?

Meet Addison Anderson. Although Addy is happy with her life—she has a job she loves, family and friends who support her, and her very own sidekicks in her neurotic Superdog named Lola and a nefarious looking cat named Moustachio—she’s missing the one thing that every girl wants, a plus one to couple's game night. Enter Charlie. Not exactly the man of her romantic fantasies, Addy is quick to put him in the friend zone, but as he rapidly becomes an invaluable part of her life, Addy must make a big decision: which is more important, that elusive spark or someone to share her life with? Join Addy on her comic voyage as she discovers that not every story is a story of love, sometimes it's a story of like.

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Courtney  Clark
Besides aspiring to use wit and, yes, sometimes sarcastic comments to write comedy gold, Courtney Clark is a proud pet parent to two awesomely neurotic dogs, a book nerd, and her parents' favorite child (just don't tell her brother that). Additionally, Courtney is a striving social media diva. Follow her on Twitter at @authorc_clark or like Courtney Clark on Facebook.

I loved this "like" story!!! Addison is the main character in this book and I so wish I could be her best friend! The cover of this book is adorable...Lola with her super dog it!!! Such a cute and fun read! Addison decides to try out speed dating. She almost doesn't check that she is interested in this guy named Charlie but decides to at the last minute. What a great relationship that develops between the two! I would highly recommend this book! I give it 5 stars!!!

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