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Book Nerd Tours Blog Tour, Tens List, & Giveaway: Betrayal (Lara Morgan)

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From fantasy writer Lara Morgan comes the second in her engrossing, enchanting, exciting Twins of Saranthium trilogy, perfect for curbing Game of Thrones withdrawals.
Shaan and Tallis have escaped from the fallen god, Azoth, but his dark shadow stretches over the enslaved the people of the Wild Lands and the terrifying army of human‐serpent warriors. War is coming, but the Council of Nine turn from the twins and their tales of Azoth's menace, focusing instead on a war on the Free Lands.
Meanwhile, the Four Lost Gods have awoken, ready to reclaim the Birthstone currently in Azoth's possession. But rather than the saviours Shaan and Tallis needed, the Four begin to exert terrible control over the people of Saranthium. With Tallis struggling to control the might power within, and Shaan attempting to resist the pull of Azoth, the twins are under assault from all sides. Victory may still be possible, but only through a devastating act of betrayal.

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Lara Morgan has loved fantasy since her mother first read her The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings (those Dark Riders still give her the shivers) and her book shelves are stacked precariously with more fantastical adventures than she will probably be able to read in one lifetime. She loves feisty heroines and heroes with depth and prefers to create villains in shades of grey rather than black and white, taking a tip from one of her personal heroes Joss Whedon who said: “All villains believe they are the hero of the story”.
Lara also writes for young adults and you can find her online at www.lara‐ or blogging when she has time at and on twitter @Lara_Morgan.
She lives in Geraldton, Western Australia, with her husband and son.

Top Ten List – Things you would change about your high school years if you could go back in time.  

I went to high school in the 80s and wanted to be Molly Ringwald, but was really more like the weird girl in Breakfast Club – minus the dandruff.  This is what I would tell myself if I had a De Lorean to go back in time…
1.       Do not perm your hair! Seriously it is a huge mistake. HUGE.
2.       Wearing that really bright shirt will not make you more outgoing, and orange and polka dots don’t go together.
3.       One day all the reading and writing will pay off so it’s ok to go to the library if you want to.
4.       Being able to catch a ball is as overrated as you suspect
5.       The boy who keeps making fun of your larger than the Aussie average lips, actually has a crush on you – but is still a douche and you should stare him down like the insect he is.
6.       One day you will be able to speak in public without dying of embarrassment and also make sense
7.       You’re not going to marry Tom Cruise. But this is a good thing cos he turns out to be a leetle crazy.
8.       You will get to see the world so don’t panic.
9.       Those snarky girls are talking about you behind your back and aren’t your friends. Drop them
10.   Enjoy the parties and your time in school because being an adult is not all it’s cracked up to be.

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