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Blog Tour, Guest Post, & Giveaway: Earth & Sky (Megan Crewe)

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Displaying eascover.jpgBy: Megan Crewe
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Release date: October 28, 2014
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Seventeen-year-old Skylar has been haunted for as long as she can remember by fleeting yet powerful sensations that something is horribly wrong. But despite the panic attacks tormenting her, nothing ever happens, and Sky’s beginning to think she’s crazy. Then she meets a mysterious, otherworldly boy named Win and discovers the shocking truth her premonitions have tapped into: our world no longer belongs to us. For thousands of years, Earth has been at the mercy of alien scientists who care nothing for its inhabitants and are using us as the unwitting subjects of their time-manipulating experiments. Win belongs to a rebel faction seeking to put a stop to it, and he needs Skylar’s help--but with each shift in the past, the very fabric of reality is unraveling, and soon there may be no Earth left to save.

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Like many authors, Megan Crewe finds writing about herself much more difficult than making things up. A few definite facts: she lives with her husband, son, and three cats in Toronto, Canada (and does on occasion say "eh"), she tutors children and teens with special needs, and she can't look at the night sky without speculating about who else might be out there.

Megan's Top Five Alien Stories

I've enjoyed stories about beings from other planets long before I sat down to write EARTH & SKY. Here are some of my faves!

-THE HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY by Douglas Adams - The story starts with the main character discovering aliens are about to demolish Earth to make way for their intergalactic motorway, and just gets wackier from there. Full of hilarious situations and clever language, this book and its sequels always get me laughing, but at the same time they offer a great adventure and thought-provoking ideas. (I recommend stopping after the first three, the original trilogy, though.)

-CIRCUS GALACTICUS by Deva Fagan - I'll admit I may be slightly biased because Deva is a friend and one of my critique partners, but I do quite honestly love this book, about a teen gymnast who ends up taking off into outer space with a circus of aliens. It's a fantastic journey full of action and intrigue.

-SINGING THE DOGSTAR BLUES by Alison Goodman - This book (which includes time travel as well, as an extra bonus) has one of the most real-feeling alien beings and human-alien relationships--of a platonic sort--that I've ever read. The main character is assigned to room with an alien at school and slowly adjusts to how very alien he is and to appreciate him as a fellow person, while also investigating a mystery surrounding their school and their partnership.

-THE LEFT HAND OF DARKNESS by Ursula K. Le Guin - A classic for a good reason, set in a vivid and believable alien world with intricate politics, social customs, and biology--and another affecting story of human-alien friendship. An Earth diplomat betrayed by the people he's come to treaty with is rescued from prison camp by an alien political outcast, and the two gradually form a bond on the treacherous journey to possible safe haven.

-THE TRUE MEANING OF SMEKDAY by Adam Rex - After aliens take over Earth and kidnap the eleven-year-old protagonist's mom, she sets off in search and ends up befriending one of the aliens and uncovering an even larger threat to Earth's safety. Both hilarious and poignant, this middle grade novel makes a great read for adults too.

What are your favorite alien reads?

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  1. Great post. I definitely believe in aliens and I love alien books.

  2. I think time travel would be incredible and I think it would help us learn from our mistakes.

  3. I believe there may be aliens out there, it would be rather arrogant to assume humans are the only intelligent life in the universe.

  4. I have never heard of a couple of these books but they sound just like ones I would love to read. Thank you for sharing them!

  5. Mostly I don't think about aliens. I am sure there could be but doubt we interest them.

  6. Time travel is so cool!! I would do it akk the time if could. I haven't read many alien books. I've only read the Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout and the Unraveling by Elizabeth Norris. I really enjoyed both series and I'm sure all koce this one too :-D

  7. I have never read The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, heard a lot about it, have to say if it is one of Megan's top 5, I will have to consider it.

  8. Time travel would be very cool. I love reading about it.

  9. I think time travel would be awesome.

  10. Looks really cool would love to time travel.

  11. The love the cover and the boom sounds really interesting!!

  12. Looks like an interesting book with a cool cover.

  13. Great giveaway!! I would love to be able to time travel.