Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Check out Nikki Kelly's Tour Diary from the Fierce Reads Tour for her incredible book, Lailah!!! and enter an AWESOME Giveaway!!!!!

Nikki Kelly joins the Fierce Reads Tour, to promote the release of LAILAH—the first book in The Styclar Saga!
I have long dreamt of the moment I would see a story I had written, published and in a bookstore. Not only did that moment actually happen, but also I had the privilege of touring with the loveliest ladies, road tripping the U.S of A, which has long been on my bucket list! ALL THE FEELS and ALL THE THANK YOUS to my adopted American family, for making this lil’ English girl’s dreams come true!
Here’s a snap shot of my ‘on the road’ diary for the Fierce Reads Tour, where I joined Marissa Meyer, Gennifer Albin and Jessica Brody to talk all things YA!

October 7th
London, England

Fly from London Heathrow to Texas!
 After one last squeeze from my hubby, I began my journey from London Heathrow to Texas!

October 8th
Irving, TX
The Irving Public Library

 My first meeting with the Fierce Reads authors—my fabulous tour buddies… yes, I had to control the desire to fan girl!

 The Fierce Reads Tour kicked off at The Irving Public Library, and what an event it was! I got to meet sooooooo many amazing YA book lovers, and some of my favorite bloggers turned out for Nikki Cuddles!

 Before I knew it we were in the air and on our way to St Louis, MO!

October 9th
St. Louis, MO
Left Bank Books
 After a very comedic panel, I was able to meet and Amber, an aspiring writer who I speak to daily on Twitter! She came along with her hubby, and brought me many baked Lailah goods! (Oh and some Lucky Charm cereal without the boring wholegrain bits!)

 Then we went onto dinner, where we had Italian food, followed by Amber’s Lailah biscuits… Yum!

October 10th
Arlington Heights, IL
Arlington Heights Memorial Library
Here at Arlington Heights Library, I met some amazing new people, including my ‘Potterhead’ who chose to call me ‘Nanny McPhee’… If that catches on there will be many eye slants… JustSayin!

 Jessica Brody took me for ‘proper pizza’ and seems Gino’s East knew I was coming…

October 11th
Portland, OR
Powell’s Books
 This was our first bookstore event; it was an amazing moment to see LAILAH on the shelves! 

And apparently my waffling (which means ‘much chatter’ here in England, though I learned the hard way that it’s actually a breakfast food in the U.S!) was caught on camera…
Caption: Very early morning Marissa Meyer cuddles on route from Portland to Seattle!

October 12th
Seattle, WA
Geek Girl Con
 Nearly ran for the door when the Fierce Reads panel filled the room, but what an experience! Plus, Lish McBride was moderating the event, which made it even more special! She has promised to try and get my ‘Were-Pugs’ into her next novel… I even got to meet Xena herself… not to mention all the Doctor Who fans!

 After the event I went to dinner with Marissa Meyer, her lovely hubby and Mary Van Aiken, and we stopped at Barnes and Noble only to find our books right at the front of the store!

October 13th
San Francisco
Linden Tree
 The most beautiful bookshop in the world! This was a very special event, with a real family and friends feel! Sitting with the audience at eye level, and chatting for the first time without a microphone, I kinda felt like we were simply having a cuppa and a natter with old friends! Genissa a Styclar Street Team Founder was there to meet me, and it was wonderful to be able to give her some real Nikki squishes!

October 14th
New York, NY
Barnes & Noble
 Sooooo many things happened at the Barnes and Noble event in Tribeca! First, we had a 3am start, a 6hour flight, and a 10min bathroom break to change (I had to get into my spanx, in a tiny toilet… no laughing matter!). Upon arrival, our Macmillan family greeted us! I met my super amazing Editor, Liz Szabla in person for the first time! Jean Feiwel was all smiles as she too, received a Nikki cuddle! And the amazing Ksenia, Molly, and Liz, were ready and waiting to get their squishes! Moments into the shop, and Lailah herself ran over to say hey! Lailah is actually the cover model whose real name is Julia and she was at the event with her Dad (you might recognize his grabby hands from the book cover!). My cousin and his girlfriend, who I haven’t seen for 5years and live in the U.S made a surprise appearance! And, if that wasn’t enough, Pili, founding member of the Styclar Street Team had flown in from Spain, accompanied by Amber from the Book Bratz, another member of my Army Of Angels!

October 15th
New York, NYC
 Breakfast and lunch meetings! Here I am in a real American Diner, enjoying pancakes with Liz, Anna and Lauren from F&F/ Fierce Reads!

October 16th
New York, NYC
 Meetings with F&F team!

 NY adventure with Spanish blogger Pili for a bimble around Central Park!

October 17th
New York, NYC
Flight from JFK back to LHR
Caption: You know you’re back home when he’s there to greet you!

 I left London in a pair of skinny jeans, and at the airport I had tea and toast…

 One of the things I was most looking forward to about the tour was the American candy, and the fast food! And the land of the free didn't disappoint… here’s a look at some of the scrummy foods I devoured on this incredible road trip!

 But my FAVOURITE food, hands down, was the Cheesecake factory Snickers cheesecake… Thank you to Marissa Myer for taking me for this awesome, delicious treat!


  1. Oh my goodness, Nikki!! This is so amazing!! I've loved reading all your adventures!!

    1. It was soooo cool to meet you in person my lovely !! Can't wait for you to come to the UK!!! Xxx

  2. Thank you so much for the giveaway! I'm so excited. I've heard so many good things about this book and I can't wait to read it!!! :-D

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  6. Thank you for sharing your wonderful adventure it was so much fun reading it! and congrats Nikki

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    Thanks for sharing and great giveaway :)

  8. Such great author and adventures! Thanks for sharing and the giveaway!

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    1. You are toooooo lovely!! Do get a copy for Christmas the story plays out over December so you'll be in real-time !! Xxx

  10. Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway! I have been meaning to try this book for a while. As well as that, it seems like you had a really awesome time on your trip! Got to meet so many authors and a lot of bloggers. I'm truly jealous :3

    1. OMG the trip was amazing!!! I'm such a lucky girl the authors on the tour were fabulous and the bloggers were incredible !!!

  11. The tour looks amazing! Thank you for all the pictures and the giveaway!

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