Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Review: The Christmas Tree Elf (Valentine Sheldon Company)

The Christmas Tree ElfHardcover, First Edition, 48 pages
Published November 13th 2013 by The Valentine Sheldon Company

Blink, the most famous elf ever, saves Christmas and introduces Santa to his elves.

Many, many Christmases ago, Santa discovers that Mrs. Claus has always wanted a Christmas tree to decorate. The following Christmas Season, he brings home the very first indoor Christmas tree for her. The Clauses love their tree, but they forget to water it because they are so busy preparing for Christmas. The night before Christmas Eve, the tree is almost lost, but a mysterious elf with a magical blinking red hat saves Christmas, and teaches Santa and Mrs. Claus that all living things need care and attention.

Valentine D'Arcy Sheldon

Valentine D’Arcy Sheldon received a BA in Creative Writing from Hamilton College, a Master’s degree from the Tisch School of the Arts and attended the Rhode Island School of Design. He works as a television producer and editor. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and two daughters along with his two beloved vizslas. ‘The Christmas Tree Elf’ is his first book. www.TheChristmasTreeElf.com

What a beautiful, inspiring story about the elves that help Santa during Christmas each year. Most books that are written about Christmas tell the story of Santa and focus on his aspect of the story yet this gorgeous depiction focuses on the elves and how they affect Christmas each year. 

The illustrations in the book are absolutely breath-taking. Each page captures a beautiful brush stroke Christmas image. My favorite image in the book is the one with the lab  looking up at the Christmas tree with the fire going behind him. Such a beautiful moment. 

"Blazer waited for Santa to come home, but he fell asleep in front of the fireplace, dreaming of long walks with Santa and getting lots of Santa snacks."

I read this to my seven year son and he absolutely loved it. He loved hearing how the elf takes care of the Christmas tree and helps to spread Christmas cheer by ensuring there is a Christmas tree in every family's home. I would highly recommend this to kids of all ages! What a beautiful story!!!

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