Friday, January 9, 2015

Swoon Reads Blog Tour & GIVEAWAY: Save Me (Jenny Elliott)

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Save Me
Paperback, 336 pages
Expected publication: January 6th 2015 by
Publisher: Swoon Reads
Author: Jenny Elliott

Debut-novelist Jenny Elliott’s thrilling romance, chosen by readers, writers, and publishers for the first list in the new Swoon Reads imprint, pours on the tension and danger in an addictive combination that will keep you turning pages!
Something strange is going on in the tiny coastal town of Liberty, Oregon. Cara has never seen a whale swim close enough for her to touch it—let alone knock her into the freezing water. Fortunately, cute newcomer David is there to save her, and the rescue leads to a bond deeper than Cara ever imagined.
But then she learns something about David that changes everything, and Cara is devastated. She turns to her best friend for support, but Rachel has changed. She’s suddenly into witchcraft, and is becoming dangerously obsessed with her new boyfriend….
Cara has lost her best friend, discovered that her soul mate is off limits, and has attracted the attention of a stalker. But she’s not completely alone. Her mysterious, gorgeous new friend Garren is there to support her. But is Garren possibly too perfect? 

Jenny Elliott
Jenny Elliott is a lifelong resident of Washington State and lives in Spokane with her husband and four kids. Writing fiction is her favorite method for avoiding insanity. Other avoidance techniques include reading, playing Scrabble, and browsing social media sites. Save Me is her first novel. Follow her on Twitter at @jennykelliott.

"Seeking extra insulation, Cara wedged her hand between David's arm and side and slipped a leg between his. He tucked her head under his chin and clutched her to him. No one had ever held her so securely. Her body warmed quickly in his arms. "

Save Me by Jenny Elliott is a young adult paranormal romance that takes place in a small town called Liberty, Oregon and is full of paranormal entity's such as witches, demons, and angels. 

The main character is a young woman named Cara. Cara is fascinated with whales so she takes a part-time job with a whale watching boat cruise. She gets to work one day and meets the new guy in town, David, while on the cruise. Cara has an accident while on the cruise and is thrown overboard. David rushes in to save her and brings her back to the boat. This is where the romance begins between Cara and David. The two go to dinner at a local restaurant and really hit it off. 

"The ocean breeze blew wisps of her hair in her face and David ran his fingers through a  few tendrils. She glanced at his mouth and he leaned down and brushed his lips against hers. The kiss was light, but the flood of warmth between them was the greatest yet, like a fire that turned her bones to ash and set her skin aflame." 

A few days later Cara returns to school and to her surprise she finds out that David has taken a position at the school as a intern teacher. Cara and David both realize that they cannot continue their relationship because of the circumstances. 

Cara also has a best friend name Rachel who has been by here side for the last couple of years and they have been inseparable. Rachel begins dating a young guy who is basically a "goth" and suddenly her whole demeanor and attitude toward Cara changes drastically. She begins to be rude and mean toward Cara and tells her that they can no longer be friends. 

Cara is hurt and upset and along comes another new boy in town name Garren. Cara finds solace in talking with Garren because he is a great listener and they quickly become best friends. 

This is just the beginning  of a story that has so many twists and secrets that are to be revealed and it would really ruin the story if I talked anymore about it. Just know that this is an very enjoyable, clean young adult romance. This book would be perfect for middle graders who are moving on to young adult books. 

I would have to say that my favorite part of the entire book was the atmosphere that the author set the story in. I loved the idea of all of this occurring by the sea. Jenny Elliott's description of the ocean and the area surrounding was just breath-taking. I felt as though I was in the book and breathing in the salt air.

"Cara responded to an inner urge to walk on the beach. A bright ball of yellow sun burned in a vibrant blue sky. She made her way down the hill and, when she came to the sand, she had to look away from the glare of sunlight, reflecting off the water's surface and focus farther down the coastline. 

Waves poured onto the wet sand below the drier strip where she walked. She concentrated on the soothing sound of the water trickling toward the shore. No wind blew, but crisp air nipped at her nose and her cheeks." 

**The quotes from this book have been taken from an Advanced Reading Copy and are subject to change when the final book is printed. Please refer to the final, finished copy for exact quotes!**

**I want to say Thank You to Swoon Reads for the opportunity to review this book!!**


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